eJOY – Learning Languages ​​While Surfing on the Internet

eJOY – Learning Languages ​​While Surfing on the Internet

Learning foreign languages ​​is not an easy task and any help is welcome. Modern technology helps us in all aspects of life, including language learning. We have a wide variety of programs for this, and each of them has a different approach to learning.

eJOY is a free plugin for Google Chrome that will help you learn foreign languages ​​by allowing you to easily translate anything on the Internet, and it also contains a lot of additional options and functionality to help you with this. eJOY includes both Android and iOS apps, but in this review, we will focus exclusively on the plugin.

How Does eJOY Work?

When you install eJOY, its icon will appear in the upper right corner of the Internet browser. Before you can start using it, it is necessary to create a free account, after which the plugin is ready for use.

eJOY plugin menu

The first thing you need to do is click on the plugin icon and choose from which language to what language you are translating. eJOY supports about 60 languages, and we especially liked that there is an option that will automatically detect the language you are translating from.

The plugin is pretty well thought out. It works so that when you are reading some text and you come across a word or sentence that you don’t understand, simply mark that word and a button with the logo of the plugin will appear. Click on this button and a popup menu will open in which you can see the translation of the word, its definition, its use in a sentence, ability to add it to the wordbook, and there is also an option for the plugin to read the highlighted word so that you can easily learn the pronunciation.

eJOY popup menu

eJOY also works with YouTube, Netflix, and other online video services. More precisely, if the video on these websites has a subtitle, you will be able to click on the word in the subtitle, after which the video will automatically pause, and the popup menu we described in the previous paragraph will open.

eJOY Can Serve as a Translator, but It Can Also Help You Learn a Foreign Language

eJOY is a great plugin, and the options it offers will help anyone who wants to learn a language. In addition, it can be used as a translator that will allow you to quickly translate any word or sentence, without having to go to sites that deal with this. During use, we did not encounter any problems or bugs, so eJOY gets our recommendation.

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