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During each visit to site, we collect certain information about our visitors.

What data do we collect from visitors to our site?

  1. Name, surname, and e-mail address
  2. IP address
  3. We place a few cookies in the visitor’s browser

When and why do we collect the above-mentioned data?

1. We collect name, surname, and e-mail address when a visitor voluntarily subscribes to our free newsletter, or when he sends us a message via contact form or when he leaves a comment on our site. We send a newsletter once a week and it contains all posts from the previous week.

We guarantee that the data that users leave by signing up for the newsletter will never be used for any purpose other than sending the newsletter that users have signed up for. A subscriber may cancel his subscription to our newsletter list instantly by clicking the link to sign off, which may be found at the bottom of each sent newsletter. All information that you provide upon sending us message via contact form is solely and exclusively used for this communication.

The information you fill in when leaving comments is used to automatically approve comments to users who have previously approved comments or to block the ability to comment to users who violate the rules set in the Terms of Use of our site. Although the name, surname, and e-mail are entered when leaving a comment, only the name and surname are displayed on the site, and the e-mail is used to administer the comment and to send a notification to the user if someone responds to the left comment. The e-mail that is entered when leaving a comment is visible only to the site’s editorial staff.

All information, that you provide upon leaving a comment, are used automatically to approve other users comments, whose comments have been approved before, or to block the ability to post a comment, to all users who have violated the rules stated in the Terms of Use of our site.

2. The IP address of each site visitor is recorded in 3 places: Access Log on our server, Google Analytics, and CloudFlare. Access Log on our server is used to give us insight into the number of visits and activities from a particular IP address. Accordingly, we can take appropriate steps to protect the server and enable the smooth operation of our site. Google Analytics is a generally accepted tool developed by Google Corporation, which is used to track statistics of site visits. To read Google Analytics Privacy Policy, click HERE. CloudFlare is a service we use to show photos and other static files from our site to users as quickly as possible. To read the CloudFlare Privacy Policy, click HERE.

3. Cookies are set in the visitor’s browser by the software that runs our site, Google Analytics, Google Ads, and CloudFlare. Cookies set by the software that runs our site are used to separate logged-in users (site editors) from non-logged-in visitors, as well as to regulate the display of cached pages (pages that are not loaded from the database but have been previously saved as static HTML on the server) for a faster page loading experience. To read why Google sets cookies and how do we use them, click HERE. To read why CloudFlare sets cookies and how do we use them, click HERE.


All in all, we use and apply all the above-mentioned solely and exclusively with best intentions, in order to provide visitors the best and high-quality user experience.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding our Privacy Policy you can contact us via email: [email protected]

You can read the Terms of Use of our site at the link