How to Find Your Steam ID

The username you have on Steam is not unique and other users can use the same username. So how does Steam differentiate between users? Using the Steam ID. Steam ID is a seventeen-digit unique number that you automatically get when you create an account and this is basically your username. If you want to, for […]Read More


How to Create a Photo Album in PowerPoint

Slideshows don’t have to be used only for business presentations. With Microsoft PowerPoint, you can create a photo album in which you can then add captions, as well as visual and sound effects, and in this way make viewing your vacation photos more memorable and fun. Watch our video tutorial where we show you how […]Read More


RainbowTaskbar – RGB Colored Taskbar

If you like to customize the appearance of your Windows PC, we have the right program for you. RainbowTaskbar is a free program for Windows 10 and 11, which will allow you to paint the taskbar with all the colors of the rainbow, as well as set those colors to change automatically. How Does RainbowTaskbar […]Read More


How to Uninstall A Game on Steam

When you’re done playing a video game, you probably want to uninstall it. This frees up hard drive space, and if you use Steam and have Steam Cloud game sync turned on, all your saved games will be available if you ever decide to reinstall the game. Watch our video tutorial where we show you […]Read More

Educational Software

Top 3 Best Free Android Calculator Apps

The first computer ever made didn’t have many features. However, one of the few features it did have was the ability to calculate. It’s no wonder then why the calculator became one of the first computers many of us ever owned. Smartphones have replaced many devices we once used, and the calculator is one of […]Read More


How to Clear Cache in Microsoft Edge

Cache memory (Cache) in the Internet browser is a group of temporary copies of images, files, and code, which help to load the website faster. However, the accumulation of this data can cause the website to load more slowly, so it is recommended to clear the cache from time to time. Watch our video tutorial […]Read More


How to Change Screen Lock Timeout on Android

Does your mobile phone screen automatically turn off after a very short time or does it not turn off at all? The reason for this is a setting, found on all Android phone models, that controls how long the screen will turn off after. It can be a few seconds, but you can also set […]Read More