Video Software

Top 3 best free screen recording apps for Android

Screen recording used to be a real challenge. To do this, you had to use complicated tools or pay an expert to do it for you. Fortunately, screen recording tools have become simpler over the years. Today we have at our disposal several impressive applications that can record everything that happens on our screen completely […]Read More


Bitwarden for Android – a complete guide

We recently published a complete guide for Bitwarden on Windows 10. In that tutorial and this one, we paid particular attention to the fact that you must not lose your password. If this happens, there is no way to get it back, and your account will be lost, along with all the login information stored […]Read More


How to create a System restore point in Windows 10

System restore point is a Windows tool designed to protect and repair the operating system in the event of a system crash. When you create a restore point, Windows takes a snapshot of all files and registries at the time the restore point is created. If the system crashes, with the help of restore point […]Read More


How to stop Windows 10 from displaying Taskbar popups

Windows 10 looks more and more like a bad free-to-play mobile game by inserting ads wherever possible. What’s worse is that they often try to disguise those ads and present them as something else. Microsoft calls the ads it displays in the taskbar “tips, tricks, and suggestions.” These “tips” have included recommendations for users to […]Read More


How to stop Windows 10 from taking bandwidth

Have you ever noticed that when you download something from the internet, the download speed drops sharply? This can happen because of your ISP or interference with the Internet signal, but it can also occur because Windows 10 decided to start the update and “ate” all the bandwidth. For signal interference, we can only suggest […]Read More


Bitwarden for Windows – a complete guide

We have already written about Bitwarden, named it the best free password manager, and shown you how to transfer data from LastPass to Bitwarden. Then we said that its use is extremely easy to use and that if you have used LastPass you already know how to use Bitwarden. This is for the most part […]Read More

Utilities & Operating Systems

Top 3 free Android flashlight apps

The flashlight apps on Android are slowly dying out. The reason for this is that modern versions of the Android operating system contain a function that turns the camera flash into a flashlight. Because of that, the applications themselves are no longer needed, and the additional functions they have are not so useful. This was […]Read More