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Briskine – Templates for Writing Emails

Help with writing emails is always welcome, especially if you write them often for work and if these emails are similar. Just remember how many times you started and ended an email in exactly the same way. In addition, it is often necessary to send the same e-mails in which only the name or date […]Read More


How to Change the Default Zoom of Web Pages in Google Chrome

If you’re using a laptop or smaller monitor, you’re probably having trouble with Google Chrome websites being too large and showing only a small portion of the site. On the other hand, if you have a large monitor, the text on websites is too small and difficult to read. The solution in both cases is […]Read More


How to Turn On or Off Password Saving in Chrome

Google Chrome has a password manager, which will store your usernames and passwords, so you don’t have to type them every time you want to log in to a website. You can turn this option off if you don’t want Chrome to store your passwords. Watch our video where we show you how to turn […]Read More

Video Software

LosslessCut – Cut Videos Without Losing Quality

If you want to cut parts of a video, you can do so with any video editing program. However, if you want just to cut the video, without any additional editing, professional programs are overkill for such a simple task. Also, if you do not do this often, there is a good chance that you […]Read More


How to Restore Google Chrome to Factory Defaults

If your Google Chrome internet browser is running slow or has bugs, one way you can fix this is to reset it to factory defaults. When you do this, bookmarks, the search history, and saved passwords will remain saved, but all graphical settings and all plugins will be deleted. Check out our video tutorial where […]Read More

Video Software

Top 3 best free Android and iOS video editing apps

When you record a video with your mobile phone, you often want to edit the video before sending it to friends or posting it on social networks. That’s why video editing apps fall into the category of very popular apps and we have a large selection to choose from. The problem is that many free […]Read More


How to Empty the Recycle Bin in Google Photos for Android

When you delete an image or video from Google Photos, the files will be transferred to the Recycle Bin where they will remain for 60 days before they are deleted from your phone. This is a handy option because if you change your mind, you can restore these files. The problem is that the files […]Read More


How to Fix a Microphone That Doesn’t Work in Windows 10

If the microphone on your Windows 10 PC doesn’t work, the first thing you need to do is make sure it’s properly connected. If you’ve checked this and the microphone still doesn’t work, the problem is probably with Windows settings. Check out our video tutorial where we show you how to fix a microphone that […]Read More


How to Restore Mozilla Firefox to Factory Defaults

If your Mozilla Firefox browser is having problems and you can’t figure out what the cause is, the best way to fix this is to restore Firefox to factory settings. When you do this all the graphical changes you have made will be reset to factory defaults and all plugins will be deleted. Bookmarks and […]Read More