Educational Software

PeakLens – Augmented Reality for Mountain Lovers

PeakLens is a free application that makes it easy to identify mountains and peaks in your surroundings. It is available only for Android. Features of the PeakLens Application The main function of this application is to display the names of peaks and mountains as you point your phone towards them. PeakLens combines augmented reality (AR) and […]Read More


How to Change the Language of Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox, like most modern Internet browsers, allows users to change the language of this browser. A considerable number of languages ​​are offered so you will probably find what you are looking for. Watch our video tutorial where we show you how to change the language of Mozilla Firefox, using Windows 10. Video Transcript: How […]Read More

Internet Software

POE – The AI Bot Web Service You Help Create

POE (Platform for Online Education) is a free web service for interacting with various AI bots or models. In addition to the web platform, it is also available as a standalone application for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.  Features of POE AI bots are based on LLMs (large language models) created through the application of […]Read More


How to Change Your User Name in Microsoft Office

In the Microsoft Office settings, there is an option to add a username, and by default, it will be the name you used when you created your Microsoft account. This name is used to show who created or edited the document, and if you want to change it, you can do so. Watch our video […]Read More

Developer Tools

Godot Engine – Making Game Development Accessible to All

Godot Engine is a free and open-source game development software. It is available for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and as a web service. Features of Godot Engine Godot Engine, or simply Godot, is a flexible tool designed for all three main desktop platforms. If that’s not enough, there’s an online editor supported by all web […]Read More


DeepMind – Google’s Approach to Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a very current topic, and we have had several posts about AI. We will mention just a few: (ChatGPT, MaxAI, VeniceAI). In this post, we focus on the projects of a company dedicated to the study of deep learning and artificial intelligence. DeepMind is a company founded in 2010 and was acquired […]Read More


How to Free Space on Google Drive From Hidden Files

It often happens that Google Drive is full, and when we go in to see which files are taking up space, nothing is visible. These are backups of various applications that we connected to our Google Drive. These backups can take up a lot of space and are not visible among the standard files. Watch […]Read More


How to Enable or Disable Microsoft Edge to Check Grammar

Microsoft Edge, like most modern Internet browsers, contains an option that will allow you to turn grammar checking on or off as you type. This feature can help improve the accuracy of your writing, but if it bothers you, you can easily turn it off. Watch our video tutorial where we show you how to […]Read More