Is Telegram just another chat app, or is there more to it. At first sight, it’s the same as WhatsApp. On the second, not so much. Options like adding pictures, contacts, videos, documents, and online status of users we already saw in other applications. So what’s unique about Telegram? Safe chatting What’s unique about Telegram […]Read More


How to deactivate Bing search in Windows 10

Built-in Search functionality in Windows 10 is very powerful, but did you know that everything you type in the Search is being transferred to the servers of the company from Redmond so that other than local, it will perform an online search using Bing service? We will show you an easy way to stop this […]Read More


Windows 10 will allow running of Samsung applications

If you own a new Samsung smartphone and you are also a Windows 10 user you are on the right track. Samsung has announced new functionality in using android applications – “Link to Windows”, running phone applications from PC. Application Your Phone already allows users to see notifications, files and texts on Windows 10, but […]Read More


How to install HEVC codec for free in Windows 10

High-Efficiency Video Coding or HEVC, also known as H.265 and MPEG-H Part 2 is a successor to the widely used Advanced Video Coding (AVC, H.264, or MPEG-4 Part 10), designed as part of the MPEG-H project. HEVC offers from 25% to 50% better data compression at the same level of video quality as AVC. Supported […]Read More


Microsoft is discontinuing support for Internet Explorer

After 25 years web browser Internet Explorer is being retired. As officials from Microsoft confirmed, the support for this browser will cease next year. More precisely from august 17th, 2021 Internet Explorer will officially be discontinued. This refers to all services and applications from Microsoft 365 package: Office 365, OneDrive, Outlook, OneNote and others. Microsoft […]Read More

Video Software

Best free programs for video editing

In the sea of digital technology, video editing was never this simple. If we take into account that not so long ago photo editing was a powerful tool for professionals, we are happy to report that today that video editing is available to everyone. We present to you the best free video editing software on […]Read More


Stop Malwarebytes from deinstalling Advanced SystemCare

For some time now Malwarebytes is detecting Advanced SystemCare as a malicious program. The fact is that this is unwanted behavior and it can cause frustration in users. See how to stop Malwarebytes from uninstalling Advanced SystemCare in our video below. Video transcript: Open Malwarebytes Click on Scan Wait for scanning to finish (in the […]Read More

Security Software

Password Tech a Password Generator

If the same password is reused for multiple services, the damage caused when information is leaked will be significant, so it is necessary to set a password for each. However, it is challenging to create many elaborate passwords. Password Tech makes a large number of random passwords that meet your requirements. What is Password Tech? […]Read More


How to delete history in Google Chrome on Windows 10

When user online activity tracking is mentioned, we all instinctively think of malicious intent. In practice, most of this is exclusively for users benefit. Still, after some time, all that data starts to take up quite a lot of space. Watch how to clear browsing data in our video below. Video transcript: Open Google Chrome […]Read More