New Edge in Windows 10

New Edge in Windows 10

After a few decades of mems and ridicule, Microsoft’s Edge is once again conquering the market. In the beginning of April, by the number of users, this browser became the second most used on the market-beating Firefox for that position. Pretty good score for the relatively new product.

What’s new?

New Microsoft Edge is based on Chromium and was released on January 15. 2020. It is compatible with all supported versions on Windows as well as in macOS. Downloading this browser will replace the old version of Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 computers. With its speed, performance, best compatibility in its class, and with built-in functions for privacy and security, this will be the only internet browser you will need. At least this is what they claim at Microsoft.

Default feature in Windows 10 from autumn

The distribution of Microsoft Edge is going a step further. From autumn, Edge will become part of the standard factory setting of the Windows 10 operating system. For now, installing Windows 10 will give us an old version based on the EdgeHTML engine. Even after the autumn update, it will stay in the system to ensure older apps still work correctly, but version based on Chromium technology will become a centerpiece.

Future updates are planned every six weeks, while security updates will be released whenever necessary.

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