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Desktop Enhancements

RetroBar – A Taskbar From the Past

The program that we will present to you today is not very useful and we do not believe that many will want to use it, at least not for a long time. It’s not even that unique, because there are much better programs of this kind. However, it is free and can make you nostalgic. […]Read More


NVCleanstall – A Better Way to Install the NVIDIA Drivers

Did you know that we all have been installing drivers for NVIDIA graphics cards incorrectly so far? Well, incorrectly might be too strong of a word, but the standard installation that NVIDIA offers is full of unnecessary add-ons, which constantly run on the computer and take up system resources, even when the device they control […]Read More


How to Check Your Internet Speed on a PC

The price of home internet mainly depends on its speed, the higher the speed, the higher the price. However, does your ISP company really provides the advertised internet speed? This is something we can very easily check using some of the free online internet speed testing services. One important note! If you are connected to […]Read More


How to Enable Dark Mode on Google’s Website

The google.com website finally got Dark Mode. For years users have been asking for this, and although this option was available to some back in December 2020, at the time it was only tested. As of September 2021, it is available to all users of Google’s search engine. Watch our video where we show you […]Read More