Brave browser – Spotify with No Ads and Youtube on the Locked Screen

 Brave browser – Spotify with No Ads and Youtube on the Locked Screen

Brave is one of those new, modern, ultralight browsers available for Android, Windows, iOS, and Linux. It’s great to browse the web in the fastest, safest way and free of annoying ads. Brave Browser also offers the functionality of private browser windows. It is three times faster than Chrome because it blocks all ads, cookies, secures the connection so that you can only browse the web over https, blocks script loading and fingerprint loading. Therefore, because of blocked ads and everything else mentioned, it has a significant improvement in battery life and lowers data consumption on mobile phones, tablets, and laptops then the other browsers.

To learn how to enable Ad Block so you can listen to the music from Spotify with no Ads and have YouTube videos playback in the background on a phone with a locked screen, watch our video below.

Video transcript:

  1. Open Brave browser
  2. Tap on three dots
  3. Tap on Settings
  4. Tap on Background video playback so can allow Youtube playback when your phone is locked
  5. Turn on Background video playback
  6. Tap on RELAUNCH NOW
  7. Tap on three dots
  8. Tap on Settings
  9. Tap on Privacy
  10. Turn on Ad block
  11. Turn on Fingerprinting Protection

We have offered Brave Browser version for Android in the download link, to download the Brave Browser for some other operating system, click here.


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