Ginkgo: History of the World

Ginkgo: History of the World

Ginkgo: History of the World is a free history learning application. It is available in versions for Android and iOS.

The ginkgo is the oldest tree in the world and the only surviving member of the Ginkgo species. That’s why it’s called a living fossil. It is believed to have existed since the time of dinosaurs, with some specimens in China being over 3500 years old. The name Ginkgo is a good metaphor for memory and history. That’s why the authors of this series of applications dedicated to learning history, geography, art history, learning other languages (Chinese – Mandarin, and French), and memory training named it Ginkgo Academy. Ginkgo Academy promotes smart learning. They view the brain as a muscle that needs to be trained. Ginkgo: History of the World is one of these applications.

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Learning history with Ginkgo: History of the World

Ginkgo: History of the World offers a visual and interactive learning experience for studying history. Each chosen historical period is presented through a series of images that explain it. This method helps to easily remember historical events. The application features an illustrated timeline of world history. The main historical periods are thematically covered, including ancient civilization, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, and modern times.

Ginkgo: History of the World utilizes a set of flashcards based on a learning algorithm that helps users concentrate on areas where they need to improve their knowledge. Flashcards make it easier to memorize information while providing constant feedback on learning progress. When a flashcard appears, users click on the provided options and see if they have remembered the event shown. They swipe right if they know the answer or left if they don’t.

The application promotes an incremental approach to memorizing facts. It first helps users remember 100 key world events, and then provides 100 videos that offer more details about those events. The visual approach – flashcards and videos – aids in memory practice and progress in understanding history. Afterward, the norm increases as users move on to learning 300 important world events to expand their previous knowledge.

The video material provides more information and deeper insights into historical events. Ginkgo: History of the World manages the learning process by delivering necessary information at appropriate moments. The approach to studying history doesn’t have to be linear; users can choose which period they want to study, allowing the app to take control and help them remember important historical events and dates while understanding circumstances surrounding those events and grasping the significance of details that led up to them.

Conclusion about Ginkgo: History of the World

This application was created to help you learn important facts about world history. It achieves this primarily through a visual approach and a high degree of interactivity. The authors have made an effort to capture your attention with the content. They have dedicated a lot of time to it. Don’t forget, while exploring historical events, you are also exercising and improving your memory.

Ginkgo: History of the World resembles a fun app or game, but it is a serious educational tool. With this app, learning doesn’t have to be difficult and boring. Anyone who needs to expand their knowledge of history or simply enjoys studying history will find a true mentor in Ginkgo: History of the World.

The Download button below is the link for the Android version of the program. The link for iOS can be found HERE.

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