Notta – Audio & Video Transcription

Notta – Audio & Video Transcription

Notta is a free audio and video transcription application. It is available as an Android and iOS app, as well as a Chrome extension and web application. Transcription is the process of converting speech or audio recordings into text format. There is also a Notta Pro version that offers additional functionalities but is not free.

What does Notta do and how does it work?

At first glance, Notta gives the impression of a simple application due to its minimalist user interface. However, it is a powerful transcription tool. We claim this because it performs two main tasks related to transcription very well. The first is accurately converting speech into text, and the second is doing it quickly. Notta generates the output text while the voice is still being recorded, with minimal delay, almost in real-time. The developers claim that advanced speech recognition algorithms are implemented in the application.

During speech transcription, Notta creates timestamps. Later on, these timestamps can be used for easier navigation, especially if the text is lengthy. Automatic text correction is performed during transcription. Naturally, users can later make corrections and edits to the obtained text according to their preferences. There are also built-in tools for automatic editing within the application. An additional feature is the ability to generate summaries using an AI generator.

Input formats for Notta can be video or audio files, as well as real-time speech. These files can be in several different formats (.mp4, .mp3, .wav). Notta can transcribe in over a hundred languages. The resulting text can be exported in various formats (.srt, .doc, .docx, .txt). If the output format is .srt, it can be automatically added as subtitles to the video from which it was extracted. It should be noted that transcription accuracy greatly depends on the quality of the sound being processed in the application.

There is the possibility of integration with other applications such as Google Meet, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams. The resulting textual transcripts can be shared directly from the application using links, email, or social media.

Notta - Start and Recording

Who needs Notta?

Notta is needed by many individuals, organizations, and companies because it saves a lot of time compared to manual transcription. Let’s mention just a few potential users who would greatly benefit from this application. Students could dedicate more time to learning instead of taking notes. Professors can create lessons more easily based on lectures. Healthcare professionals can automatically generate documents based on medical reports. Journalists can conduct interviews more quickly. The application can improve productivity in companies by freeing employees from the tedious task of transcription, allowing them to engage in more creative activities. Notta is ideal for various types of meetings. There will no longer be a need for a note-taker. It can also be useful for individuals to capture ideas that come to them in the moment. Such an application may be most valuable to people with hearing impairments, as it makes audio and video content accessible to them.

Notta can speed up the process of creating textual documents because they can be created through speech, which is faster than keyboard input. The authors claim that speech transcription is more accurate than when done by humans. The number of potential errors in the text resulting from manual input is reduced. Notta is an exceptional application, and in addition to speed and accuracy, we must not forget its ease of use. It is evident that there is a bright future ahead for such applications, and there will soon be many more of them.

Lastly, we must not forget the numerous limitations of the free version, such as the inability to translate transcribed texts into other languages within the application itself. Users of the free version will certainly be most affected by the monthly recording time limit of 120 minutes.

The Download button below is a link to the Android version of the application. The link for iOS can be found HERE. You can access the Notta service on the website HERE.

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