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Wordtune – AI Helper When Writing in English

Will artificial intelligence replace man? If we look at the achievements of the last few years, we have AI that has beaten chess grandmasters, as well as professional Dota 2 and StarCraft 2 players. Artificial intelligence is also capable of composing music and painting pictures with surprising success. In addition to this, computers today are […]Read More


How to Block Notifications in Chrome on Windows 10

Web Push Notifications or website notifications are messages that websites send to their users. When a user first visits a website, if that site has notifications, the user will be asked if he wants to receive them. The user may or may not agree to this. These notifications can be useful to users and inform […]Read More


How to Reopen Last Closed Tab in Chrome

If you accidentally close a tab in Chrome and want to reopen it, you don’t have to go into history and search for a closed tab there. You can do this much faster and easier. Watch our video where we show you how to reopen the last closed Tab in Chrome using Windows 10. Video […]Read More


How to Set Up a Homepage in Chrome

When you start Chrome, a page will open showing you a Google search box. This same page will also be displayed when you click on the box icon in the navigation. However, you can change this to open some important website, like reviewsapp.org. 🙂 This option is called Homepage. Watch our video where we show […]Read More


How to Apply Strikethrough to Text in Google Docs

Strikethrough is an important formatting option. When you use this option, a line will appear through the middle of the word, but the word behind the line will be legible. Whether you want to mark a completed task or highlight something in the text, this is the best option to use. Watch our video where […]Read More


How to Open Previously Opened Tabs When Starting Chrome

When you have multiple tabs open in Google Chrome and you turn off your browser and then start it again, one empty tab will open. However, there is a handy setting that will launch all tabs that were opened before you turned off Chrome. Check out our video where we show you how to open […]Read More

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SoundFixer – sound regulator for browsers

On YouTube, almost always, we will find a song we want to hear, often in multiple versions. We can also create a playlist with our favourite songs, use pre-made playlists, or turn on the option for YouTube to select songs from the recommended section. However, there is one problem. There is often a big difference […]Read More