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How to Turn On Memory Saver in Google Chrome

Most people know that Google Chrome consumes a lot of RAM while running, much more than other browsers, and this is a particular problem if you have an older PC. One solution is to turn on the Memory Saver option. When you turn on this option, Chrome will suspend tabs that you are not using, […]Read More


How to Turn Off Targeted Ads in Google Chrome

Targeted ads are ads that are specifically selected for you based on your online behavior. As you can guess, the reason why ad serving companies know how you behave online is due to the fact that, more or less, all websites collect and sell your private information to these companies. If you want to turn […]Read More


How to Change the Default Font Size in Google Chrome

If you find it difficult to read the text in Google Chrome because the letters are too small, you have two solutions. The first is to change the default Page Zoom, and the second is to increase the default font size. You can do this in the settings, and in addition to increasing the font […]Read More

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Tango – The Fastest Way to Create a Tutorial

If you often need to explain one and the same thing to friends or colleagues, believe us that we sympathize with you. However, there is a simple solution, make a tutorial, and then when someone asks you for an explanation, just send them the tutorial, and the job is done. Tango is a free plugin […]Read More


How to Turn on Do Not Track Option in Google Chrome

The Do Not Track option in the Google Chrome Internet browser is used to send a message to websites that you do not want them to track you and collect your private information. The problem is that websites don’t have to comply with this request and are free to continue to steal your data, but […]Read More