Perplexity – Summarizing Articles on the Internet Using Artificial Intelligence

Perplexity – Summarizing Articles on the Internet Using Artificial Intelligence

SEO optimized websites include, among other things, pages with articles that are written and edited so that they rank as well as possible on Internet search engines, such as Google. The result of this is that such articles often contain unnecessary information, which is only there so that the article contains the keywords that are needed for ranking. The plugin that we will present to you will summarize and extract the most important information from any article on the Internet.

Perplexity is a free plugin for Google Chrome that will using artificial intelligence extract the most important parts and summarize articles on the internet.

How Does Perplexity Work?

When you install Perplexity, its icon will appear in the upper right corner of the Internet browser, in the area reserved for plugin icons. To use the plugin, you do not need to create an account or log in, although this option exists.

Perplexity is used by first opening a web page that contains the information you are interested in. Then click on the plugin icon, then on the Summarize button. After this, Perplexity will write a condensed version of the articles containing only the most important information.

Perplexity menu

Since it is an artificial intelligence, another feature that Perplexity provides is the ability to ask it additional questions and it will answer your questions using information found on the web page you are currently on, the entire website or the internet, you choose this yourself. Of course, you ask him questions in human language, which makes using it extremely simple.

It is also interesting that when we tested Perplexity, he always wrote articles and answers in English, regardless of the language of the article. There is no option to set the language in which the plugin will work, but when we told it to write in another language, it did so without any problems.

As always with AI, the main question is what is the quality of the results? We are happy to say that we are more than satisfied. Perplexity always recognized and summarized the most important parts of the article, and answered our questions correctly.

Perplexity Will Make Finding Information Quick and Easy

Artificial intelligence, right now, works best as a glorified search engine, and Perplexity is just that. It works great, is extremely easy to use and makes finding information quick and easy. We didn’t encounter any problems or bugs while using it, so Perplexity absolutely gets our recommendation.

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