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Utilities & Operating Systems

dnGrep – Advanced File and Folder Search Tool

dnGrep is a free open-source application for quickly searching large amounts of text in files, logs, and databases. It is specifically designed for the Windows operating system. The name of the program is a combination of the letters “dn” and “Grep”. “Grep” refers to the Unix text search tool – grep (global regular expression print). […]Read More

Developer Tools

Keyword Surfer – A Tool for SEO Professionals

Most SEO (Search Engine Optimization) professionals, that is, those who are involved in optimizing websites in order to position them as well as possible on internet search engines, use expensive programs such as Ahrefs. Such programs offer a huge number of options and ways to explore the Internet, which is necessary for the quality performance […]Read More


How to Delete Your Google Search History

When you search for something using Google Search, search terms will be remembered. Google uses this data to show you personalized advertisements. Fortunately, Google offers an option that allows you to clear your search history at any time and using any internet browser. Watch our video tutorial where we show you how to delete your […]Read More

Internet Software

Simple Search – Search Without Unwanted Results

When you perform a search using, for example, Google, the first few results you get are not the results that most closely match the keywords you entered. The first few results, if we take Google as an example, are Google websites, websites you visit often, and of course advertisements. Ads, as a rule, occupy the […]Read More


How to Clear Search History in Brave for Android

If you are not the only one who uses a mobile phone, and you use Brave as an Internet browser, it is a good idea to clear your search history after use. This way, you will preserve your privacy and no one will be able to see which websites you have visited. Check out our […]Read More