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Firefox – How to Add and Remove Internet Search Engine

Mozilla Firefox comes with a number of Search Engines already installed. However, many websites have a search feature, and Firefox offers the option to add these search services to an Internet browser. This option is handy because if you want to, for example, search for something on YouTube, you don’t have to go to a […]Read More


DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser – Privacy First

Internet privacy is important to all of us. That’s why most modern internet browsers have a Do not track option. Unfortunately, this option is often not enough, and Internet browsers themselves sometimes ignore it. Also, that doesn’t mean that the websites you visit won’t track you, and the Do not track option doesn’t help at […]Read More


How to Change the Default Search Engine in Google Chrome

When you type keywords in the Google Chrome browser URL field instead of the correct website address, a Google search will be performed. This is a handy option because when you want to search for something, you don’t have to go to Google’s website and do a search there. However, what if you want to […]Read More


How to rebuild Windows 10 search index

If you’ve encountered the problem that when you perform a search on your Windows 10 computer, the search takes a very long time, takes a large amount of processing power, or doesn’t find what you’re looking for, the problem is probably the Windows Search Index. Windows 10 indexes all the files on your computer by […]Read More


How to deactivate Bing search in Windows 10

Built-in Search functionality in Windows 10 is very powerful, but did you know that everything you type in the Search is being transferred to the servers of the company from Redmond so that other than local, it will perform an online search using Bing service? We will show you an easy way to stop this […]Read More