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Google Drive – A Complete Guide

Google Drive is a Google Cloud Service that every user who creates a Google Account automatically gets for free. The free version of Drive gives users 15 GB of space, and more space can be purchased. You can use this space to store your documents such as pictures, videos, or any type of file. Keep […]Read More


How to Change Your Profile Picture on Google

Your Google profile picture appears in various places. When you email someone using Gmail or leave a review on Google reviews, your Google profile picture will appear. Google Docs, Chrome, and other Google services also use your profile picture. If you don’t have a profile picture on Google or don’t like the one you’re using, […]Read More


How to Enable Dark Mode on Google’s Website

The google.com website finally got Dark Mode. For years users have been asking for this, and although this option was available to some back in December 2020, at the time it was only tested. As of September 2021, it is available to all users of Google’s search engine. Watch our video where we show you […]Read More


How to Turn Reading List on and off in Google Chrome

The Reading List feature in Google Chrome can be very useful. Here you can save the web pages you want to read later, similar to Bookmark. The difference is that you can access the web pages saved here without an internet connection. However, if you do not use this option, it just takes up space […]Read More

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Top 5 Best Free Extensions for Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the most popular browser in the world. The reason for that is easy to see, it is fast, excellently designed and contains all the necessary functions. However, the real power of this browser is the huge library of extensions it has. In this post, we will present you top five, in our […]Read More


How to Password Protect Your Google Chrome Browsing History

The old joke is to ask your best friend to delete your browser‘s search history if something happens to you. Now that we have Incognito mode, this is no longer such a big problem. However, we have a lot of private information in our search history, and that information is easily accessible to anyone who […]Read More


How to change the language of Google Chrome

Google Chrome automatically selects the language based on your location. However, this may not be the language you want to use. Moreover, in some cases, the language can be changed without warning. This usually happens after the update. Changing the language manually is very simple. Watch our video where we show you how to change […]Read More


How to change the theme in Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the most popular internet browser, but we can all agree that it looks rather boring. The minimalist look is fine, but it would be nice if we could bring a bit of life into its look. Fortunately, this is possible with themes, and changing the theme is very easy. Watch our video […]Read More


How to export saved passwords from Google Chrome

Google Chrome has a built-in password manager, but it’s not the most secure. That’s why we recommend that you use Bitwarden, which is probably the best free password manager out there. See our Bitwarden complete guide for Windows and Bitwarden complete guide for Android to learn how to use Bitwarden. If you’ve used Chrome Password […]Read More