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How to Restore Google Chrome to Factory Defaults

If your Google Chrome internet browser is running slow or has bugs, one way you can fix this is to reset it to factory defaults. When you do this, bookmarks, the search history, and saved passwords will remain saved, but all graphical settings and all plugins will be deleted. Check out our video tutorial where […]Read More


How to Empty the Recycle Bin in Google Photos for Android

When you delete an image or video from Google Photos, the files will be transferred to the Recycle Bin where they will remain for 60 days before they are deleted from your phone. This is a handy option because if you change your mind, you can restore these files. The problem is that the files […]Read More

MP3 & Audio Software

Mote – Audio Comments on Google Services

Writing emails, messages and comments are, for most of us, part of everyday life. If you type slowly, this can take a long time. It would be much better if we could leave a voice message. Mote is a free plugin for Google Chrome that will allow you to leave voice messages on Google services […]Read More

Graphic Design Software

Monster Mash – 3D Animation for Beginners

3D animation is something that has traditionally been done exclusively by professionals. The reason for this is obvious. In addition to the talent for drawing and modeling, it is necessary to know how to use complicated programs and years of practice in order to get the simplest animation. Monster Mash is a free program from […]Read More


How to Draft Gmail Email Directly From Google Docs

Google Docs has an interesting option that will allow you to create a Gmail email directly from Docs, and you can save this email to the Draft folder. This way you can easily format the text of the email because all the Google Docs options will be available when writing the email. Check out our […]Read More


How to Add a Contact to Gmail

Gmail automatically saves the contact information of anyone who sends you an email, unless you’ve turned off automatic contact saving. However, it is also possible to make a new contact manually, even if that person has never sent you an email. Check out our video tutorial where we show you how to add a contact […]Read More


How to Block and Unblock an Email Address in Gmail

Gmail offers an option that allows you to quickly block an email address, and if you want to unblock it, the process is also quite quick and easy. When you block an email address, all emails coming to you from that email address will automatically be sent to the Spam folder. Check out our video […]Read More