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Internet Software

Briskine – Templates for Writing Emails

Help with writing emails is always welcome, especially if you write them often for work and if these emails are similar. Just remember how many times you started and ended an email in exactly the same way. In addition, it is often necessary to send the same e-mails in which only the name or date […]Read More

MP3 & Audio Software

Mote – Audio Comments on Google Services

Writing emails, messages and comments are, for most of us, part of everyday life. If you type slowly, this can take a long time. It would be much better if we could leave a voice message. Mote is a free plugin for Google Chrome that will allow you to leave voice messages on Google services […]Read More

Internet Software

Unhook – Remove Unnecessary Sections From YouTube

YouTube is the most popular online video platform. Over the years, YouTube has evolved and added more and more options to its website. Users welcomed some of these options with enthusiasm, while others were completely unnecessary. Today, the YouTube website contains a bunch of options that many of us never use and would rather not […]Read More

Internet Software

GoFullPage – Screenshotting the Whole Webpage

Creating a screenshot is an easy task. All you have to do is press the Print Screen button on your keyboard and you will get a picture of everything that is seen on the screen. The problem with this way of taking screenshots is that you have to use additional programs to edit the image, […]Read More

Educational Software

InsertLearning – An Interactive Lesson Out of Any Website

Online teaching became part of everyday life during the Coronavirus pandemic. With the development of online teaching, tools have been developed that help make this type of learning as efficient and accessible as possible, both for students and teachers. Given that students spend much more time online than professors, tools that will easily enable professors […]Read More


How to Install Trello Power-Ups

Trello allows users to install plugins, here called Power-Ups and they expand the capabilities of this program. In the free version of the program, you can have a maximum of one Power-Up installed per board, while in the paid version this limit does not exist. Check out our video tutorial where we show you how […]Read More

Educational Software

iorad – Your Helper When Creating Tutorials

Anyone involved in making a tutorial knows how hard work it is. Planning must be flawless, examples comprehensive, and the course of the lecture clear and easy to follow. We know from personal experience that, sometimes, what seems crystal clear to us, maybe difficult for our users to understand, simply because we have failed to […]Read More