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Educational Software

Tango – The Fastest Way to Create a Tutorial

If you often need to explain one and the same thing to friends or colleagues, believe us that we sympathize with you. However, there is a simple solution, make a tutorial, and then when someone asks you for an explanation, just send them the tutorial, and the job is done. Tango is a free plugin […]Read More

Developer Tools

Keyword Surfer – A Tool for SEO Professionals

Most SEO (Search Engine Optimization) professionals, that is, those who are involved in optimizing websites in order to position them as well as possible on internet search engines, use expensive programs such as Ahrefs. Such programs offer a huge number of options and ways to explore the Internet, which is necessary for the quality performance […]Read More

Developer Tools

Grepper – Helper for Developers

We can all agree that the job of a programmer is not easy and requires great knowledge and constant learning and improvement. For this reason, there are numerous tools that help in this work in different ways, and Internet services such as Stackoverflow are places where developers can ask a question and get a quick […]Read More