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Developer Tools

Checkbot – Check Website Speed and Security

Website owners know that speed and security are some of the most important features of a quality website. Speed is important for user experience, as well as for better ranking on internet search engines, such as Google or DuckDuckGo, and if your security is bad, there can be very serious problems. For this reason, there […]Read More

Internet Software

AIPRM for ChatGPT – Help When Using ChatGPT

The main reason artificial intelligence has become so popular is its ease of use. Asking a question to a machine using human speech and getting an answer to which you can then ask a sub-question was the domain of science fiction until a few years ago. However, we must not forget that it is a […]Read More

Educational Software

Tango – The Fastest Way to Create a Tutorial

If you often need to explain one and the same thing to friends or colleagues, believe us that we sympathize with you. However, there is a simple solution, make a tutorial, and then when someone asks you for an explanation, just send them the tutorial, and the job is done. Tango is a free plugin […]Read More