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Productivity Software

Yearly Progress – Track Progress of Your Tasks

Did you promise yourself to lose extra pounds or decided to learn a foreign language? If so, we welcome your decision and hope you persevere and succeed in it. To help you out, we’ve found an app to help you track your progress during these endeavors. Yearly Progress is a free application for Android operating […]Read More

Productivity Software

DoForMe – Mobile Phone Automation

How often do you find that when you leave the house, you turn up the brightness of your phone’s screen, only to turn it back down as soon as you return, or mute it when you get to work, then unmute it when you’re done? It would be nice if you could automate these actions. […]Read More

Productivity Software

AppBlocker – Block Apps and Websites on Android

Excessive staring at the phone and switching from one application to another is a problem that most of us have, at least occasionally. The solution is simple, stare at the screen less. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. AppBlocker is a free app for Android that will allow you to block apps and websites […]Read More