Habitica – Gamify Your Tasks

Habitica – Gamify Your Tasks

Habitica is a free open-source application for habit formation and increasing productivity through gamification. It is available in versions for Android, iOS, and as a website.

The Idea Behind Habitica app

The application combines two seemingly distant areas: habit formation and productivity enhancement. In reality, issues related to work efficiency are always tied to habits. Habitica is a highly original application because it attempts to incorporate game elements into the realm of habit management and productivity. Viewing life and work tasks as a game can boost motivation in their completion. Games are not as boring and tiresome as everyday responsibilities and tasks.

The core idea is to manage habits and tasks through gameplay. In doing so, it adopts a retro-style RPG (Role-Playing Games) approach. RPGs are a subgenre of video games in which players assume the role of a character in an imaginary world. Players control and shape their characters in various ways, make decisions that drive the story in a particular direction, and develop their character’s skills and strengths to become more successful. RPG games often involve exploration, combat, puzzle-solving, interaction with other characters, and progression through experience and levels. The fictional world in which the hero experiences various adventures can vary greatly, ranging from historical fantasies to science fiction realms. Retro elements, such as pixelation, are used to evoke nostalgia for when users played low-resolution RPGs and thus strengthen the connection with their avatars (the character in the game that the user embodies).

How does gameplay/work in the Habitica app function?

Habitica is relatively straightforward to use, especially for those who have played or are currently playing RPGs. First, you need to create an account with a username (yours, i.e., your in-game character), email, and password. Then, you create your character (avatar). You assign tasks, assignments, and long-term goals that you want to achieve in your life. You can prioritize these elements and set reminders for each of them. When you complete something planned in real life, you log it in the app. You track your avatar’s progress. Achieving goals rewards you in-game with experience points, useful items, virtual gold, food, and drinks.

Habitica has three types of tasks. Habits can be good or bad, and you track them with variable frequency. If good habits progress, they bring symbolic rewards, while bad habits result in the loss of symbolic health points (HP). The second type is daily tasks that are performed on a regular schedule for a specific period (e.g., twice a day or once a week). If you miss them, you also lose health points, but you are rewarded if you are responsible your tasks. The last type is one-time tasks, and completing them brings rewards. If you don’t complete them, you don’t lose anything. These are some of the game rules.

Habitica - Avatar and Party

The app itself repeats daily, weekly, and monthly tasks. It tracks the completion of these tasks using different colors and counters. It even has a leveling system to better represent progress. There are default task lists that can serve as templates for your task list. The rewards correspond to the style that you defined by creating your avatar. Challenges are a special type of task that you can add to your task lists. Reminders and widgets help you remember your obligations.

Since RPGs are also team games, users can connect with others, seek those who are working on the same goals, and support each other. This creates a sense of community and motivates goal achievement. With collaborators and fellow adventurers, you can socialize, and there are shared festivities.

Events in the app are synchronized, so it doesn’t matter when and from which device you access it. Task notifications can be received, even through smartwatches. New content is constantly added to the app to keep it interesting. The app does not sell your data to third parties. Within Habitica, there are in-app purchases and subscriptions, but they are not necessary for the app to function. Behind this app is a large community of users who continually work on its improvement.

Conclusion about the Habitica app

Habitica is a flexible application. It adapts to your lifestyle, habits, and needs. The combination of web platform and mobile allows users to access the app from anywhere and at any time. By turning your tasks into a game, Habitica helps you become happier, improve your health, and become more effective in achieving your goals. The authors mention that the app is particularly useful for New Year’s resolutions, household chores, work tasks, fitness engagement, building work habits, fulfilling school obligations, and more. Even for ADHD!

It’s great when entertainment is not just entertainment but also has practical benefits. Achieving life goals through engaging with avatars is fun. This way, motivation is not lost in performing daily tasks. However, this app is not for all users. Some may find working on real tasks through a game to be meaningless or even more challenging. It’s one thing to read about the game, and it’s a completely different thing to play it. Try Habitica and decide if it’s for you!

The Download button below is a link to the Android version of the program. The link for iOS can be found HERE, and you can access the website HERE.

Android, iOS, and website



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