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How to Allow Downloads While Playing a Game in Steam

By default, when you play a game on Steam, you won’t be able to download games or updates. If you start any download, it will be paused while you are in the game. The reason for this is that if you are playing an online game and Steam starts downloading, it can cause lag or […]Read More


How to Add Non-Steam Games to Steam

When you download a game using Steam, that game will be found in the Library section. However, if you have a game that hasn’t been downloaded using Steam, but you want it to be among your Steam games, there is an option for this, and adding the game to Steam is quite simple. Watch our […]Read More


How to Install Multiple Games on Steam

If you have purchased several games on Steam, you do not need to install them one by one. Steam offers the ability to install multiple games and this is extremely easy to do. Select all the games you want to install and start the installation as if you were installing just a single game. Watch […]Read More


How to Check if a Steam Game Is Available on Linux

Steam is available on Linux, however, the game you purchase may not be. For this reason, if you are using Linux, it is not a bad idea to check and make sure that the game is available for this operating system. A bit confusingly, Steam recently changed the Linux icon, which indicated that the game […]Read More


How to Gift a Game to a Friend on Steam

Steam allows users to buy video games for their friends. However, have you ever noticed that it is possible to buy a bundle of two or more of the same games? That’s because on Steam it’s also possible to gift a game you already own to a friend. You can only gift duplicate games, which […]Read More


How to Uninstall A Game on Steam

When you’re done playing a video game, you probably want to uninstall it. This frees up hard drive space, and if you use Steam and have Steam Cloud game sync turned on, all your saved games will be available if you ever decide to reinstall the game. Watch our video tutorial where we show you […]Read More


How to Hide a Game on Steam

If you have a large number of games on your Steam account that you have finished playing and are now just creating clutter and making it difficult to navigate, one solution is to hide the games you are not playing. When you hide a game, it will remain saved in your account, but it will […]Read More


Top 3 Best Free Android and iOS Video Games in 2021

Video games on mobile phones, especially free ones, have a very bad reputation. In addition to the fact that they are often of extremely poor quality or shameless copies of popular games, this free should be put in big quotes. They are free only if you want to dedicate all your free time to them, […]Read More