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4 Best Free Android Fashion Apps

Fashion apps generally fall into the category of online stores specializing in clothing or jewelry. Honestly, there are many such applications and they are all more or less all the same. When you see one online store, you have seen them all. The main difference is in the offer and prices. For this reason, we […]Read More


How to Use Adobe Scan on Android

Adobe Scan is a free Android application that allows you to scan a paper document and save it as a PDF or JPEG file. The application also includes a text recognition option, which means that you can scan text from paper and open it in, for example, Word and then change it. Watch our video […]Read More


Top 3 Best Free Online Collectible Card Games (CCG)

Collectible Card Games (CCG) are more popular today than ever. The game that created this format back in 1993 is Magic: The Gathering and many similar games have emerged since then. The concept is simple. Players buy packs of cards, similar to the ones we see in sticker cards. Each card contains certain abilities that […]Read More


How to Import and Export Contacts on Android

If you change your phone or want to backup your contacts, you need to export and import them. One way to do this, especially if you change phones, is to copy them to the SIM card. However, the space you have here is limited and probably won’t be enough to copy all your contacts. Fortunately, […]Read More


How to Remove a Watermark From an Android Camera

Many Android phones, especially the ones from Chinese companies, put a watermark on the photos you take using the camera. The reason why they do this is not known to us, but we know that this is something that most of us hate. Fortunately, turning off the watermark option is very easy. Watch our video […]Read More