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JupyterLab is an interactive development environment based on the web platform. The program is completely free. It is mostly directed towards data analysis. It is a document-centric development environment. Although primarily based on Python, it now supports more than 40 programming languages. JupyterLab evolved from the Jupyter Notebook project as its next-generation and more advanced […]Read More

Educational Software

Pocket Puppy School

While walking the streets, it sometimes seems that there are more pets than their owners. We’re talking about dogs, who need to be walked, unlike cats, parrots, and fish. Accordingly, there are more and more apps focused on pet care. One such app is Pocket Puppy School – a free Android and iOS app for […]Read More

Developer Tools

PyDroid 3

PyDroid 3 is an integrated development environment (IDE) for Python 3 on the Android platform. The application is free. The authors also offer a Premium option which adds code analysis (real-time error checking), code prediction (automatic code completion), premium libraries (tensorflow, opencv-python, torch), and no ads. To ensure proper functionality, the installation of the Pydroid […]Read More

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Grayjay – The Fight Against Censorship

When we write reviews about programs or apps, we aim to present the pros and cons of the product as objectively as possible, give our personal opinion, warn of potential problems or benefits, and provide you with as much information as possible so that you can make a decision on whether or not you want […]Read More


Google Bard Is Changing Its Name to Gemini

Google Bard is an artificial intelligence program that you can chat with, similar to ChatGPT. Recently, Google announced that Bard is changing its name to Gemini and is getting its own Android and iOS app, as well as a paid version called Gemini Advanced. Gemini App for Android and iOS The Gemini app will contain […]Read More


How to Send a Post to Yourself on Instagram for Android

When you find an interesting post on Instagram and want to save it, there are several ways to do so. A new way, which Instagram recently added, is the ability to send a post to yourself, like when you share a post with someone from your friends list. Watch our video tutorial where we show […]Read More

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Noterly – Simple Reminders on Your Phone

Most of us are used to using a mobile phone to write down reminders. We used to do it using SMS messages that we didn’t send, but saved them in Draft and used them as a reminder, while today we have specialized applications for this that offer much more than a simple reminder. However, there […]Read More