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Which Chat App Is Better, Threema or Signal?

Threema and Signal are, without a doubt, the two best chat apps that focus on user privacy. Keeping in mind that users are paying more and more attention to online privacy, we decided to compare these two apps and find out which one is better. How Do Threema and Signal Work? Threema and Signal are […]Read More


How to Use notepin App for Android

notepin is a free Android app that does something that, in our opinion, should be a part of Android. Namely, it allows you to create a note and pin it to the notification panel, from where it is always easily accessible. The notes themselves are very simple. You can enter the title and content of […]Read More


How to Change Distance Units in Google Maps for Android

Google Maps has a handy option that allows you to measure the size of a geographical area or the distance between two points. By default, the units of measure that will then be used will be those used in your country. However, this can be changed so that you can choose whether to use kilometers […]Read More


How to Delete Gmail Search History on Android

When you search for emails in Gmail, the keywords you enter are stored in your search history. This is used to offer you the option to automatically complete a new search. While this is usually a useful time-saving feature, it can also be annoying when old searches that are no longer needed appear. Check out […]Read More


How to Delete Gmaps Search History on Android

Gmaps remembers all our searches. This can be handy when we want to remind ourselves of the locations we have been to. However, sometimes we want to clear our search history, especially if someone else has access to our phone. Check out our video tutorial where we show you how to delete Gmaps search history […]Read More

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Top 3 best free Android and iOS video editing apps

When you record a video with your mobile phone, you often want to edit the video before sending it to friends or posting it on social networks. That’s why video editing apps fall into the category of very popular apps and we have a large selection to choose from. The problem is that many free […]Read More


How to Empty the Recycle Bin in Google Photos for Android

When you delete an image or video from Google Photos, the files will be transferred to the Recycle Bin where they will remain for 60 days before they are deleted from your phone. This is a handy option because if you change your mind, you can restore these files. The problem is that the files […]Read More

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Top 3 Best Free Android and iOS Apps for VPN

When we talk about VPN applications, the first thing to keep in mind is that this is a category where free applications come with great restrictions and are often unusable for any more serious use, at least until you pay. The most common restrictions are limiting the speed of the Internet, and the amount of […]Read More