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How to See Your IP Address on Android

If you want to see the IP address of the router you are connected to using Android, the good news is that you don’t need to use any additional applications for this, but you can see it directly from your phone’s settings. Watch our video tutorial where we show you how to see your IP […]Read More

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Talking Translator – Translating Conversations in Real Time

Google Translate is the most popular and used translation program. The reason for its popularity is obvious. It supports almost all the world’s languages, works surprisingly well, and is owned by Google, so it’s easily accessible to everyone. However, there are functions that this program does not support, such as real-time translation of conversations. Talking […]Read More


How to Install YouTube ReVanced App on Android

YouTube Vanced was an app that worked exactly like the regular YouTube app but didn’t show ads, collect users’ private data, and all the other bad stuff. This means that Google used all its power to ban this application through the court, so it disappeared a few years ago and has not been developed since […]Read More


How to Make Viber to Always Use the Same Theme as Android

If you want all applications on your phone to always use the same, that is, light or dark, theme, the solution is to turn on the option that will always set the theme in the application to be the same as the theme on Android. This option is supported by most modern applications, including Viber. […]Read More

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Memix – The Fastest Way to Create and Share Memes

Memes are Internet jokes, usually in the form of an image, although they are often video clips, GIFs, or just text. To create memes, well-known images, better known here as formats, are mostly used, because they are recognizable and most people immediately know what they are aiming for by using a certain format. Memix is […]Read More


How to Turn Caller ID On or Off in Viber for Android

The Caller ID option in Viber will allow you to see who is calling you, even when that person is not in your contact list. In this way, you will always know who is calling you, so you will be able to judge whether you want to answer or not. Watch our video tutorial where […]Read More