Smoke Free – stop smoking now

Smoke Free – stop smoking now

Smoke Free is a free application that helps you quit smoking. It is available for both Android and iOS platforms. The app has been downloaded six million times and has received high ratings on both the Play Store and the App Store.

If you are not a smoker or do not intend to quit smoking, this app is not for you. However, if you need additional assistance, the authors suggest downloading the Pro version of the app. It offers additional features such as a virtual AI assistant, 24/7 access to advisors, and special daily missions, but it is not free.

Smoke Free has a website where it discusses its mission and explains how the app works. Neither the website nor the app contains advertisements, which is understandable for a tool that aims to combat addiction.

How does Smoke Free work?

Smoke Free is a comprehensive set of tools for quitting smoking. The application utilizes over 40 scientifically proven techniques and methods that have been tested in practice. It offers three different smoking cessation programs tailored to your needs.

The primary goal of the app is to increase motivation to quit smoking and boost self-confidence. Smoke Free supports you in staying strong in your commitment to quitting cigarettes. Throughout the process, it provides you with a lot of information about your progress, highlights reasons why you should quit smoking, and debunks false myths about the benefits of smoking.

Smoke Free includes tools that help you feel rewarded for your efforts. The app suggests celebrating each smoke-free day and rewards you with badges for achieving milestones during specific phases of the program. In the end, you receive a certificate declaring you as a non-smoker.

The app offers advice on how to overcome cravings for smoking. It provides you with a map to identify where and how cravings for cigarettes commonly occur. You can keep a journal and record relevant events related to smoking to identify patterns and recognize triggers that lead you to smoke. A graph illustrates the decrease in your craving for smoking over time.

Smoke Free - Dashboard

Smoke Free explains how to set short-term goals in your journey to quit smoking and encourages you to persistently pursue them. It analyzes your smoking cravings and helps you discover the triggers that lead to smoking. It suggests techniques to combat those cravings and provides mantras such as “Not a single puff, no matter what.” It redirects your thoughts in a different direction.

Within the app, there are also missions. These are short and enjoyable daily tasks aimed at boosting motivation to help you stay committed to your goal. The chatbot continues to check on you and provide support for three months after you quit smoking, encouraging you to take pride in becoming a non-smoker.

You can engage in conversations with other users of the app who are attempting to quit smoking, both successfully and unsuccessfully. At any time, you can see how much money you have saved by not purchasing cigarettes and reward yourself for your success with a gift using a portion of those savings. Don’t forget that besides money, you are also saving a significant amount of time that you used to spend on smoking.

What is the significance of the Smoke Free app?

The authors are realistic; they acknowledge that quitting smoking is not easy. They mention that most of them were smokers themselves and have personal experience with it. They understand the struggles of those who have been unsuccessful in quitting smoking, and they believe that relapse is part of the process. They say that some users of the app have attempted to quit smoking up to 20 times. However, this is not a reason to become discouraged and give up on quitting smoking.

When you quit smoking, you will soon notice positive changes in your health and partially in the people around you. You will also save money that you can use for more valuable things than cigarettes. Successfully quitting smoking strengthens your self-esteem and encourages you to take other steps in your life that require strong willpower.

The authors claim that using this app increases the chances of quitting smoking by three times. On average, more than ten people quit smoking every hour with the help of this app. So far, nearly a million people have quit smoking using the app. They are proud that this is the largest smoking cessation program ever created as an app. The fact that Smoke Free is registered as a medical device speaks to its quality.

If you want to quit smoking, reading this post won’t be of much use. It’s better to download the app and start the program right away!

The Download button below is the link for the Android version of the program. The link for iOS is available HERE.

Android and iOS



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