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Educational Software

InsertLearning – An Interactive Lesson Out of Any Website

Online teaching became part of everyday life during the Coronavirus pandemic. With the development of online teaching, tools have been developed that help make this type of learning as efficient and accessible as possible, both for students and teachers. Given that students spend much more time online than professors, tools that will easily enable professors […]Read More

Educational Software

Top 4 Best Free Android Apps for Students

Modern technology helps us in all aspects of life, and education has seen probably the greatest benefit. We all laugh at the time when teachers and professors told us that we would not always have a calculator or an encyclopedia at hand. Those statements were definitely wrong, but although the way we learn has changed, […]Read More

Educational Software

Top 5 Best Free Android and iOS Cooking Apps

Modern technology helps us in all aspects of life, and with its help, cooking has never been easier. No, we don’t mean the stove and the microwave, but the cooking applications. For now, unfortunately, cooking apps do not cook for us but offer us recipes and tutorials, which help us prepare food. With thousands of […]Read More