SoloLearn – Free Programming Courses

SoloLearn – Free Programming Courses

SoloLearn is a free web platform for learning programming and related IT skills. It is available in versions for Android, iOS, and as an online service, making it accessible via web browsers on desktop platforms (Windows, macOS, Linux). There is an advanced version of this platform called SoloLearn PRO, but it is not free.

Features of the SoloLearn Platform

We have previously posted about learning programming with platforms like Mimo and Grasshopper. The operational procedure is similar across all of them. Before starting a course, you need to register on the platform.

SoloLearn offers three approaches to courses. The first is Full Learning Paths, which consists of the following areas: Coding for Data, Web Development, Python Developer, Coding Foundations, and Front-End for Beginners. The second approach is programming languages. This approach is divided into courses for beginners and those with intermediate knowledge. The list of courses includes 18 programming languages, such as C++, HTML, SQL, Java, Python, etc. The third approach relates to generative AI at the beginner level and includes only one course: Generative AI in Practice. This course teaches how to work with Gemini, ChatGPT, and Midjourney using a specially designed AI Playground.

The lessons are well-designed. Progress is made in small steps, from simpler to more complex concepts and operations. After the lessons, there are interactive quizzes to test what you have learned, followed by exercises to apply the knowledge. The exercises are realistic because the platform includes an interactive compiler. There are also additional resources such as articles and coding challenges.

You can link your SoloLearn account with GitHub or LinkedIn. This way, you can showcase your projects to others or connect with other programmers. You can track your progress using statistics and badges you earn, which increases motivation and persistence. At the end of each course, you receive a certificate of completion. The platform supports about twenty languages.

SoloLearn - Courses

Who is SoloLearn for?

Behind this platform stands a large community of learners. With it, you can easily solve problems you encounter or help others do so. Below the lessons are comments from other participants that can be useful. There is also a Blog and Q&A Discussions. You set your own pace. Principles from pedagogy and learning psychology are applied in course development. The platform combines theory and practice in an engaging way.

Although the authors say that the application is for those with the least experience to those with great experience, we believe it only covers those up to an intermediate level of knowledge. If you already have knowledge in certain areas, SoloLearn is a good way to refresh and practice it. Platforms or applications of this quality are usually not free. We believe that SoloLearn is a more comprehensive and better-based platform for learning programming than the ones previously mentioned.

It’s convenient that the application is available for mobile devices since the lessons are short, and you can use every free moment to learn programming. SoloLearn is certainly a better way to spend your time than on social networks.

The Download button below is a link to the Android version of the program. The link for iOS can be found HERE. Desktop operating systems can use the web platform.

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