POE – The AI Bot Web Service You Help Create

POE – The AI Bot Web Service You Help Create

POE (Platform for Online Education) is a free web service for interacting with various AI bots or models. In addition to the web platform, it is also available as a standalone application for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS

Features of POE

AI bots are based on LLMs (large language models) created through the application of machine learning on vast amounts of processed data, primarily available via the internet. They respond with meaningful answers by finding patterns in the queries (prompts) based on previously processed data.

We have previously written about various AI bots (ChatGPT, VeniceAI, MaxAI, etc.). Each of them is unique in its way. POE is different because it is not just one of these AI bots but a collection of them. To access POE bots, you must create an account at https://poe.com. After that, you can start exploring and communicating with hundreds of available bots.

As with other bots, you can get answers to your questions, but given the diversity of models, the range of possible answers is greater. Many development teams have created AI models: ChatGPT, GPT-4, Gemini 1.5, Liama 3-70b, Playground 2.5, Claude 3, DALL-E 3, etc. Each of them is aimed at different goals. In addition to these, community-created bots are also supported.

The user interface is simple. All AI models are organized into categories. Thus, we have: Official bots (Assistant, Gemini 1.5, GPT-40), Image generation bots (Image Creators, Playground 2.5, DALL-E-3), Programming bots (PythonAIChat, JavaManBot, MrProgrammer), Utility bots (YouTube Summarizer, Slide Guru), Learning bots (MrTeacherGPT, MrBiology, MathTeacherXL), Game bots (RolePlayGameBot, Zombie_Survival, RPGAI), etc. This categorization should be taken conditionally. Any AI bot can appear in different categories.

POE - Main

Create an AI Bot with POE (and Earn from It)

POE is not the only service that offers various AI bots, but it differs from other AI web services by allowing and helping users to create their bots. Such created bots are divided into two main groups:

Prompt Bots – These are made using textual instructions that the bot follows when responding to user queries (e.g., to be humorous, to give simple answers, etc.).
Server Bots – These are more advanced and sophisticated types of bots. They use a backend server that is tailored to your needs, i.e., specialized for the purpose you assign to it. They can access databases or integrate with external APIs. Server bots can use any bots from the POE platform or a combination of them to provide higher-quality answers. They have many potential uses. One of them is customer support, as they can access, for example, your company’s FAQ database through the backend while also using AI models to provide relevant answers. Creating server bots is simple and does not necessarily require programming knowledge. All costs of their operation are covered by POE. Such created bots can be used on various devices. To make a server bot, you first need a server. This can be an Amazon, Google, or any other server according to your wishes and needs. On the server, code is written that defines the bot’s reactions to user queries. This can involve integrating your databases, some API, or other AI bots. The server bot is then connected to POE via an API. This means that when a user interacts with your bot, POE forwards the requests to your backend server, which then returns the generated responses to the user. Server bots can be used, among other things, as personalized assistants, educators, or financial advisors. 

If you create bots that are accessed on the POE platform, you can also earn from it by setting the price per response yourself. In this case, POE covers the costs of operating the AI models. POE has a customer help center and guides for bot creators. 

The Importance of POE

POE is the application of the latest achievements in the field of artificial intelligence. Specifically, we refer to the current type of artificial intelligence based on large language models. POE has brought a high degree of democratization and freedom in the use of AI models. The offering is so extensive that it is not easy to choose. On the other hand, the large number of AI bots is also a result of the lack of quality-based filters, so one can also encounter those that are poorly executed. 
POE can be used as an educational tool because it uses AI that possesses knowledge from various fields. It can also be used for creative writing, thanks to bots created for that purpose. It can provide professional-quality answers to questions from various areas. We believe the main advantage of this internet service is that it provides a lot of current and diverse content in the form of AI bots for free, and you can also participate in their creation. 
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