VeniceAI – Decentralized and Uncensored AI

VeniceAI – Decentralized and Uncensored AI

VeniceAI is a free, private, and decentralized open-source AI platform. It is available as a web service and in versions for Android and iOS. It first appeared in 2020.

The application of artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly gaining momentum. AI appears in various spheres of the digital world, but chatbots remain the most numerous. Each of them has its specificities that distinguish it from others. It seems that the time is coming when we will get to know chatbots as we now get to know people. And now we present to you one of them – VeniceAI.

Why was VeniceAI created, and what is it?

The main idea behind the creation of VeniceAI is to enable users to communicate with advanced AI models in a private and uncensored environment. In other words, it is the democratization of artificial intelligence. VeniceAI, as an AI latform, uses blockchain technology to create a decentralized and secure environment. AI models and data are not stored on a centralized server but are distributed (spread across multiple servers). The entire platform is focused on preserving user privacy.

VeniceAI has two different AI models for chatbots, four AI image generators, and two specialized for programming tasks. The AI image generators are particularly distinct in the responses they provide. There is no better or correct one; it is worth experimenting to see which one best suits the user’s specific purpose. The chatbots are designed to interact with users on a wide range of topics, from technical to social.

VeniceAI is a company that also owns an AI model marketplace where developers can trade. Therefore, it has its cryptocurrency, Morpheus (MOR), based on tokens. Users can earn tokens by contributing to the platform and then use them to purchase AI models and other services. They can also make decisions important for the development of this platform, emphasizing transparency. The value earned through tokens is planned to be used for developing the entire application system.

VeniceAI offers every user 25 text and 10 image responses per day without opening an account. With a free account, the service increases to 100 text and 20 image messages. There is also a Pro version, which is not free and offers even greater capabilities. After each response, there is an option to “Elaborate” to further deepen the answer. During our testing of the platform, we noticed that the response generation time fluctuates regardless of the complexity of the questions asked. We assume this is related to the system’s resource load. Venice can be installed on mobile platforms from the homepage of the web application, which you open on your mobile device using the “Add to home screen” option.

The user interface is minimalist, with no ads, which is expected. The image you see below is the response of the VeniceAI image generator to the following text: “Paint me a picture that best describes you.”

VeniceAI - Self portrait

How is VeniceAI different from ChatGPT?

VeniceAI utilizes LLM models (Large Language Models) that are trained on more diverse materials than ChatGPT, resulting in more comprehensive responses. All VeniceAI models are open-source.

The VeniceAI model focuses on providing relevant and informative answers in a formal and professional style in response to user queries. ChatGPT, on the other hand, is designed more for user interaction and is geared more towards entertainment. VeniceAI better maintains the main topic during longer conversations.

VeniceAI does not log or store any user data (only email address and IP address are kept to facilitate communication). There is no conversation history recorded on servers. No data is shared with third parties – user data is not sold. Emphasis is placed on maximum respect for individual privacy. Communication data is stored locally in the user’s browser, so the entire communication history is deleted, just like any other browsing history. If you wish to have your email and IP address deleted, you can send an email to: [email protected]

VeniceAI is not programmed to provide politically and corporately correct responses. There is no censorship, except for adult content. It does not tailor responses to politicians and governments. It is much less biased in its responses compared to centralized AI. VeniceAI values free speech and treats users as adults, with nothing to hide from them.

Right now, an AI revolution is beginning in the information world. VeniceAI is a platform that has taken a good starting position in this race with its basic concepts and settings. We will follow developments in the coming period with the hope that VeniceAI will not disappoint users, at least those who prioritize freedom above all else.

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