Mimo – Learn to Code

Mimo – Learn to Code

Mimo is a free programming learning application. It is available for Android, iOS, and as a web application. There are also paid versions of the app that offer more content, but here we are only discussing the free version.

Learning programming in the Mimo app

Upon visiting the app’s website, the first step is to create an account. On mobile platforms, this is not necessary, as it is assumed that there is only one user per phone or tablet. Then, an animated GIF of a cute little robot guides you through a short questionnaire. Based on your interests and knowledge level, a personalized learning program is created.

Immediately after that, the program begins in a predetermined order. After a brief lesson, there is a test on what you have learned with multiple-choice answers. You can always revisit the lesson you have completed, but you cannot skip ahead to those intended for later learning. After a series of short lessons and questions, a daily summary of your progress in mastering the material appears. Based on your achieved results, you earn symbolic gold coins. After each summary, the app tries to sell you the paid version but stays consistent and continues with the free version.

Currently, the supported programming languages in Mimo are HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, React, SQL, Node.js, and Swift. Mimo is an interactive application that adapts to what you input. The authors have made an effort to keep Mimo a simple app. The lessons are clear and logically structured. It starts with basic concepts from the world of programming, and then each subsequent lesson gradually becomes more complex. Practical exercises and small projects follow later on. Users can track their progress through visual representations and statistics.

Mimo - Intro to Python and Daily Goal

Final Thoughts on the Mimo App

Understanding the basics of programming is increasingly becoming part of basic literacy. The creators of Mimo recognized this fact. The app is advertised on the homepage of their website as a tool that can help you find a good job because after completing their courses, you become a quality Front-end (user interface and experience) or Back-end (server, database, and business logic) programmer. However, things are not that simple. You don’t become a programmer through a single interactive app that resembles a game, especially if it only requires 5 to 15 minutes of daily engagement. It will take much more time and effort. Nevertheless, we consider this a good starting point, especially for younger users. It can spark their interest in programming and show them that it is not as complicated and incomprehensible as it may seem. We believe that the mobile version of the app is more useful because it is closer to younger users. They can use it while commuting, waiting for someone or something, etc.

Mimo has an engaged community of users. They exchange resources and knowledge among themselves. Questions can be posted on the forum, and satisfactory answers are usually provided quickly. If you want to start learning programming, Mimo is a good choice.

The Download button below is a link to the Android version of the app. The link for iOS can be found HERE. You can access the website HERE.

Android, iOS, and website



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