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Educational Software

Mimo – Learn to Code

Mimo is a free programming learning application. It is available for Android, iOS, and as a web application. There are also paid versions of the app that offer more content, but here we are only discussing the free version. Learning programming in the Mimo app Upon visiting the app’s website, the first step is to […]Read More

Developer Tools


Colab, or Colaboratory, is one of Google’s many projects. It is free for users. It is an interactive working environment. In other words: Colab is JupyterLab, but in a Cloud environment running on Google servers. It is primarily used for data analysis that requires a higher degree of interactivity. An internet connection is mandatory. To […]Read More

Developer Tools

PyDroid 3

PyDroid 3 is an integrated development environment (IDE) for Python 3 on the Android platform. The application is free. The authors also offer a Premium option which adds code analysis (real-time error checking), code prediction (automatic code completion), premium libraries (tensorflow, opencv-python, torch), and no ads. To ensure proper functionality, the installation of the Pydroid […]Read More