Calm – For Peaceful Sleep

Calm – For Peaceful Sleep

Calm is a free and high-quality application aimed at stress control, reducing anxiety, and insomnia. You can understand this application as an assistant for improving your mental health. It is designed for mobile platforms Android, iOS, and is also available as a website. It also has support for its YouTube channel. The application has been downloaded by tens of millions of users. According to Calm’s website, two million people have rated it 5.00.

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How to Use Calm?

Calm is easy to use – no assistance is needed. It offers a large number of contents, which are created with a lot of care and knowledge. It is noticeable that these contents are frequently updated.

Upon the first launch, the application guides you through a questionnaire where you define your problems and goals you want to work on. Based on this, the app’s algorithm suggests a personalized program. This program consists of physical and breathing exercises, sleep stories, guided meditations, various relaxing landscape images, and more. Now, it’s all up to you and your consistency in applying the proposed program. Later, if you wish, you can request deletion of all your data.

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Positive results from the program’s implementation occur gradually, but everyone will be satisfied if they notice that they fall asleep more easily or are more focused at work, and traffic congestion does not cause them anxiety. There is even an option in the app to check your mood after each meditation. Besides the three mentioned primary goals, the authors note that the application can be useful for fears during pregnancy, postpartum depression, premenstrual syndrome, burnout effect at work, money worries, and other various stressful life events.

Conclusion about the Calm Application

Not everything is free. The application provides basic lessons for 14 days without payment. After that, you can use the full therapeutic program for $15 per month or $70 annually. Consistent application of the recommended program is recommended, but not obsessively relying on the application. (You probably didn’t know that there are people for whom applications of this type have created addiction, so they cannot function during the day without them or fall asleep in the evening.)

Calm - Personalized program

There are many more applications with similar purposes. Calm stands out for the quality of the materials it provides to its users. Calm is often referred to as the leading application for better sleep, relaxation, and meditation. This method of relaxation, anxiety reduction, and falling asleep does not suit everyone. Someone will find a better, more suitable application for them. Surely there are people for whom no application will be suitable. Only you know what is good for you. If you notice that after a few days or weeks of practicing the program recommended by Calm, you are less anxious, sleep better, and more focused at work – that’s it. No expert opinion is more important than how you feel.

The Download button provides you with a link to install the Android version of Calm.
If you want the iOS version, click HERE.

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