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Unhook – Remove Unnecessary Sections From YouTube

YouTube is the most popular online video platform. Over the years, YouTube has evolved and added more and more options to its website. Users welcomed some of these options with enthusiasm, while others were completely unnecessary. Today, the YouTube website contains a bunch of options that many of us never use and would rather not […]Read More


How to Change a Banner Image of Your YouTube Channel

If you want to place a banner image on your YouTube channel, you can do so very easily. Keep in mind that the resolution of the image you are using should be 2048×1152 in a 16:9 ratio, otherwise your image will be cropped. Also, the image size must not be larger than 6 MB. Check […]Read More


How to View All YouTube Comments You Have Ever Written

YouTube has a section where you can view all the comments you have ever written. From here, you can delete or change the comments, and all the comments will be neatly sorted by the dates they were written, so it’s easy to navigate. Check out our video tutorial where we show you how to view […]Read More


How to Turn On Picture-In-Picture on YouTube

Picture-in-Picture mode on YouTube is a great option if you want to watch a video and at the same time go to another tab, which can even be another website. When this option is turned on, the video will be displayed in the lower right corner of the screen, although you can move it anywhere […]Read More


How to Change YouTube Channel Name

On YouTube, your username is at the same time your channel name. For this reason, if you wrote your personal name or the nickname you use, you may need to change that name. Fortunately, this is very easy to do, but we have one note. Namely, when you change the name of your YouTube channel, […]Read More


How to Add a YouTube Video to a Word Document

Microsoft Word has the option to add an online video to the text document. This may sound a bit strange, considering that Word documents are mostly meant for printing. However, today, text documents are less and less printed, and more often used in digital form, so a text document that contains a video is not […]Read More