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How to Change YouTube Channel Name

On YouTube, your username is at the same time your channel name. For this reason, if you wrote your personal name or the nickname you use, you may need to change that name. Fortunately, this is very easy to do, but we have one note. Namely, when you change the name of your YouTube channel, […]Read More


How to Add a YouTube Video to a Word Document

Microsoft Word has the option to add an online video to the text document. This may sound a bit strange, considering that Word documents are mostly meant for printing. However, today, text documents are less and less printed, and more often used in digital form, so a text document that contains a video is not […]Read More


How to Turn on Dark Mode on YouTube

Dark Mode is a handy option when you want to reduce eye strain caused by looking at a monitor. The Dark Mode option on YouTube changes the standard white theme of the website to black. If you want to protect your eyes or the Dark Mode just looks cool to you, check out our video […]Read More


How to Block a YouTube Channel

Video recommendations that YouTube gives us are not always the best. Sometimes a channel, which we are not interested in at all, constantly appears in our Recommended section and no matter how much we ignore the videos from that channel, it somehow always finds its way to us. The solution to this problem is to […]Read More


How to upload a video to YouTube and how to schedule a release

YouTube has definitely become a twenty-first century television and one great thing is that we can all participate, completely for free, and some may even make money. All you need to upload a video to YouTube is a free Google Accountups . Still, YouTube can be a convenient place to store videos, and you will […]Read More

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Parental control on the Internet

We live in the era of the internet, and it is all but impossible to forbid our children from using it. Aldo, there is a lot of very useful content dedicated for kids like games and learning, there are also internet scams and explicit content that is not for them. Here we come to parental […]Read More