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How to Enable or Disable Fast Startup in Windows 10

Fast Startup is an option in Windows 10 that, when turned on, will make your computer start up faster. This option works because when you shut down your computer, Windows saves information about the kernel, drivers, and the current state of the system in a separate file, from where all this is read the next […]Read More


How to Hide Desktop Icons in Windows 10

There are times when you need to hide all the icons from your desktop. Whether it’s for privacy or because you’re sharing your screen with colleagues during a meeting at work, there are a number of ways you can hide desktop icons in Windows 10, and we’re going to show you probably the quickest and […]Read More


How to Delete Old and Unnecessary Update Files From Windows 10

When Windows 10 is updated, the files used during installation remain on your computer. These files are not necessary for the proper functioning of Windows, and over time they accumulate and can take up several gigabytes of space on the hard disk. That’s why it’s best to delete these files. Watch our video tutorial where […]Read More


How to Export Passwords in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge can save and sync all of your usernames and passwords across devices using your Microsoft account. However, if you want to switch to another Internet browser or want to start using a password manager, which we highly recommend, it’s best to first export all your passwords and import them into another browser or […]Read More


How to Turn On or Off Password Saving in Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox includes a password manager called Lockwise. However, if you already use a password manager like Bitwarden or LastPass, you probably don’t want Firefox to keep asking you to save your password in Lockwise. The good news is that this can be turned off in the settings. Watch our video tutorial where we show […]Read More


How to Send a Fax Using Gmail

When you have a lot of work to do, it’s not always convenient to physically go to the fax machine and send a fax. A much better solution is to use Gmail. Gmail offers the option to send a fax, and the best part is that sending a fax is just like sending a regular […]Read More

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Free GIF Maker – Quickly and Easily to Perfect GIF

Free GIF Maker is a free GIF maker available for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, and 11. This program focuses on making GIFs from videos and features ease of use and support for a huge number of video formats. How Does Free GIF Maker Work? Once you download, install, and launch Free GIF Maker, […]Read More