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Do you enjoy decorating your home? Do you like to collect pictures of cute dogs, cats, and other animals? Are you looking forward to finding new recipes to try? With Pinterest, you can create different boards for each of these interests. Before Pinterest, you would most likely see an interesting recipe in a magazine, cut […]Read More


How to turn on or off Game Mode in Windows 10

Game Mode option in Windows 10 aims to improve computer performance when playing video games. This is accomplished by the fact that when you run a game, Windows detects it and allocates computer resources to the game instead of background programs. Also, all updates will be stopped as long as you are in the game. […]Read More

Internet Software

RightInbox – upgraded Gmail

Whatever opinion you have about Google as a company, and ours is not so good, the fact is, some of their products are of very high quality. Gmail is one such product. It works great, and the options it has will easily satisfy most users’ needs. Even better is the fact that if you need […]Read More


How to remove Unknown Locale (qaa-Latn) in Windows 10

Did you notice the Unknown Locale (qaa-Latn) language among the languages in the Windows Task Bar? If you go to the language settings in Windows 10 and try to delete this, you will notice that it is not among the installed languages. This problem can occur if you have corrupt system registries, also installing applications, […]Read More

Graphic Design Software

Jux – drawing fractals in Windows

A fractal is a mathematical function. It is a simple formula repeated many times and graphically presented. From seashells to spiral galaxies and the structure of human lungs, we find recognizable shapes whose structure we call fractals everywhere in nature. One of the interesting features of the fractal is that if you divide it into […]Read More


How to change the affinity of a program on Windows 10

Changing the process affinity means that you restrict the application from running only on certain processor cores. This can be very useful if you have a program that occupies the entire CPU. If this happens, your computer will be almost unusable until the program frees up resources. That’s why we’ve created a tutorial showing you […]Read More

Utilities & Operating Systems

Three best free alternatives for Windows Task Manager

Windows Task Manager, better known today as Task Manager, is a system program for Windows, which provides detailed information about everything related to the computer’s operation. With it, we can see data on the use of computer resources and detailed statistics for all processes. Processes are all applications and background programs currently running on your […]Read More