What is ConfigureDefender and how to use it

What is ConfigureDefender and how to use it

In the sphere of antivirus protection, Windows operating system do give us some good solutions. In previous versions of Windows antimalware software had to be downloaded for Microsoft’s site and installed. This has changed in Windows 10 where we get Windows Defender out of the box.

So what is ConfigureDefender?

Windows Defender offers many open and closed options. You can set up all options in Settings, but this can be complicated, so if you want a simpler way to do all this we suggest using ConfigureDefender. ConfigureDefender is a free program meant to simplify setting up Windows Defender to suit your needs.

How to use it?

ConfigureDefender does not require installation. You run it directly from the folder with the .exe file. In the main menu, you are offered three options: Default, High and Max. Default is the same setting as Windows configures it, High provides a greater level of safety and Max elevates it to the highest security level but restricts downloading of some files.

Is Windows Defender any good?

Depending on the way you use your pc and the internet, you may require different levels of protection. Some will say that because it is free, it is not enough and others that it is all you need.
All in all, no antivirus is almighty! You should always be careful on the internet and watch out which sites you visit and what files you download. That being said, Windows Defender offers solid protection, and ConfigureDefender will make setting it up really simple.

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