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Networking Software

Syncthing – Secure and Private File Synchronization

Syncthing is a free and open-source application for synchronizing and sharing files between different devices and platforms. It is available in versions for Windows, macOS, Linux, FreeBSD, Android, iOS, and some other platforms. It is a program for continuous real-time file synchronization. Features of the Syncthing application The program is easy to use. The user […]Read More

Security Software

Portmaster – An Excellent Privacy and Security Guard

Portmaster is a free program for Windows 10, 11, and Linux that offers better insight and control over what is happening on your computer. The program serves as a kind of Firewall, which can also serve as an excellent replacement for Windows Defender. How Does Portmaster Work? Portmaster is an open-source program. This means that […]Read More

Entertainment Software

Daily Diary – Lockable Electronic Diary

If you like to keep a diary, you probably write down your daily experiences and feelings in a notebook that you keep under your bed or at the bottom of a drawer. If this is the case, it’s time to switch to an electronic diary, and we’ll introduce you to one that focuses on security […]Read More

Security Software

Top Two Best Free Windows Surveillance (CCTV) Programs

Most free surveillance programs, unfortunately, are not really free. You can download and install the program for free, but you have to pay for many, often basic, options. In addition to this, these programs generally set restrictions, such as a limited recording time, which makes them completely unusable, until you pay. Fortunately, there are a […]Read More

Security Software

Top 3 Most Dangerous Viruses in 2021

Viruses, like all other types of programs, are constantly evolving and becoming more advanced and dangerous. Criminals are ruthless and nothing will stop them from trying to hack your computer or mobile phone, in order to steal your most valuable data. The most frequently stolen data are bank account information, personal photos, as well as […]Read More

Internet Software

Firefox Relay – Fake Email for Website Registration

Most websites require registration before allowing us full access to their content. This means that we have to leave our email address on almost every website. In theory, there is nothing wrong with that. All platforms guarantee the privacy and protection of the personal data of their users. However, in practice, the situation is much […]Read More