Link Gopher 2.01 for Firefox

Link Gopher 2.01 for Firefox

Do you have a problem spotting all the links of a web page? If so, we present to you Link Gopher, a plugin for Firefox browser, to simplify finding all the links.

Link Gopher in action?

If you want to see all the links on a web page, doing it manually can be difficult. Link Gopher is a program that abstracts, sorts, and displays all the web page links. This plugin will take them and put them in a new tab so you can easily search, copy or paste in a new card or tab. It works on Windows and is meant for the Mozilla Firefox browser.

How does it work?

The plugin is straightforward to use, even for not so tech-savvy individuals. It functions by extracting all the page links and putting them in a new tab, sorting them alphabetically and by their corresponding categories. You can also use keywords to search only certain links.

How to run Link Gopher?

After you enter the page, you will be shown an icon on the toolbar. Clicking on the icon, you will be offered two options: Extract all Links and Extract all Links by Filters. The first option shows all the links of a web page, and the second filter links using keywords.

Who is this ment for?

Link Gopher is a useful tool for anyone who wants to see all the links in a separate tab. It is especially helpful for users who visit pages with lots of messy links. In conclusion, this fast, practical, and simple plugin can be really helpful in doing work or just avoiding clicking on ads.



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