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Forget Me Not – Internet Privacy Control

It is difficult to imagine life without the Internet. Unfortunately, it is even more difficult to imagine life without constantly monitoring and collecting our private data. However, it’s time to take control of which sites remember what from our data and what will happen the next time we go to one of them. Forget Me […]Read More

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Pinterest Save Button

We recently wrote about Pinterest, a social network dedicated to creative people to find inspiration and new interests. We praised it, and we especially pointed out the very interesting function of this social network, its kind and friendly users, and functionalities that are at the highest level. Today we present you a very useful add-on […]Read More


How to enable HTTPS-Only mode in Mozilla Firefox

HTTPS is a security protocol, and it is the method for maintaining privacy and security on the Internet. This protocol establishes an encrypted connection between your internet browser and a web server that prevents eavesdropping or unauthorized alteration of the data exchanged between you and the website you are visiting. The HTTPS protocol’s main problem […]Read More

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Clippings – your personal secretary

Everyone who does the jobs where they often have to write the same emails or messages to different people knows what a hassle it is to constantly copy and paste the same messages, and keeping those messages in a pile of text files and navigating them is a real nightmare. Introducing the perfect solution, Clippings, […]Read More


Mozilla has significantly improved Firefox for Android

Mozilla has just released one of its biggest updates for the Android version of its Firefox browser. A lot of new features are the most popular ones from the PC version. What’s new? The first thing you will probably going to notice is that the address bar has been moved to the bottom of the […]Read More

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Link Gopher 2.01 for Firefox

Do you have a problem spotting all the links of a web page? If so, we present to you Link Gopher, a plugin for Firefox browser, to simplify finding all the links. Link Gopher in action? If you want to see all the links on a web page, doing it manually can be difficult. Link […]Read More

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Facebook Container, put Facebook in a cage

Facebook, as well as Google and other websites, can track you even when using other websites. This means that Facebook is taking more than just your browsing data. It makes your profile, which is then used for targeted ads. Facebook Container is an extension for the Mozilla Firefox browser that stops tracking outside Facebook’s website. […]Read More