How to Turn Off Steam News Popup

When you start Steam, a popup called Steam News will appear. In this way, Steam informs you about the latest games and discounts that you are potentially interested in. However, for many, this only bothers them and they would prefer that this popup does not appear at all. The good news is that this can […]Read More


How to Translate a Column in Google Sheets

Google Sheets has a handy function that allows us to translate something written in a column into any language. The function has three parameters. The first is the column from which it is translated, while the other two are the language from which it is translated and the language into which it is translated. Google […]Read More

Educational Software

Top 4 Best Free Android Apps for Students

Modern technology helps us in all aspects of life, and education has seen probably the greatest benefit. We all laugh at the time when teachers and professors told us that we would not always have a calculator or an encyclopedia at hand. Those statements were definitely wrong, but although the way we learn has changed, […]Read More


How to Make a Video From a PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint presentations are great for visually conveying information. However, in order to display them, the device must have Microsoft Office installed, and there may also be problems with the slide show due to the version of the program. Another problem is that slide formatting is very easy to change by mistake. One solution is to […]Read More