How to Change the Language on Steam

Steam allows you to change its language. This is convenient because, in addition to changing the language in the program menu, the games will automatically be in the language you selected, if the game supports that language. It is possible to choose between about thirty different languages, among which are Deutch, French, Turkish, and more. […]Read More


How to Change the Theme in Telegram for Android

If you like to customize the look of your messaging apps, the good news is that Telegram includes an option to change the theme. It is possible to choose one of nine themes, and you can additionally edit each theme, as well as create a completely new theme, although the options are quite limited. Watch […]Read More

Security Software

Portmaster – An Excellent Privacy and Security Guard

Portmaster is a free program for Windows 10, 11, and Linux that offers better insight and control over what is happening on your computer. The program serves as a kind of Firewall, which can also serve as an excellent replacement for Windows Defender. How Does Portmaster Work? Portmaster is an open-source program. This means that […]Read More


How to Show or Hide the Ribbon in Microsoft Word

The toolbar, or Ribbon, as Microsoft calls it, is where most of the options we use most often in Word are located. However, it sometimes happens that when we type or read text, we want to have as much space as possible on the screen, so we do not need this toolbar and it would […]Read More


How to Change Paper Size in Google Docs

Most of the documents that many of us write on the computer will never be printed. However, documents written on a computer are often printed, and in that case, it is very important what size of paper is used during writing. If you use the wrong size, the text will not look good when you […]Read More


How to Add Non-Steam Games to Steam

When you download a game using Steam, that game will be found in the Library section. However, if you have a game that hasn’t been downloaded using Steam, but you want it to be among your Steam games, there is an option for this, and adding the game to Steam is quite simple. Watch our […]Read More


How to Write Rotated Text in Microsoft Word

When you type some text in Microsoft Word, it will be written horizontally. However, there are cases when you want to highlight the text or write an additional explanation vertically on the side. For this, you need to rotate the text. There is no “rotate text” option in Word, but there is a workaround. Watch […]Read More


How to Use Voice Changer Option on TikTok for Android

TikTok has a fun feature that will allow you, after recording a video with your voice in it, to change that voice to sound like it’s being spoken by Santa Claus, a wizard, an angel, or one of many other characters. The whole process is automatic, so this option is more than easy to use. […]Read More