PutMask – Hide Faces in Videos

PutMask – Hide Faces in Videos

If you’re in the business of journalism or publishing videos on the Internet, you probably sometimes need to hide the faces of the people in those videos. You can do this in several ways, but it would be best if you had an application that does it automatically.

PutMask is a free application for the Android operating system that will allow you to quickly and easily hide faces in video recordings.

How Does PutMask Work?

Once you install and run PutMask, you will see a nice and modern user interface that is quite easy to use. The first thing you need to do is give the app permission to access your smartphone’s memory, after which you’re all set.

Select the video in which you want to hide faces, tap on the option that will scan the video, find all the faces, and place a square over them to hide them. In addition to automatic face detection, there is also the option to do it manually, which you will need since the application sometimes will not detect faces correctly, especially when they are from a profile.

PutMask video editor

What we especially liked is that you can hide objects in addition to faces. You do this purely manually, by marking an object, and PutMask will then properly track and hide that object when the camera moves. When you’re done hiding faces and objects, you can save and export the video, and 4K resolution is supported.

We’re happy to say that the app works quite well, even when the video is in low resolution or when the faces are very small on the screen, although you will occasionally have to intervene yourself.

Unfortunately, we also have a few criticisms. First, it is possible to work exclusively with videos. This means you won’t be able to hide faces from pictures. In addition to this, in our opinion, the biggest problem is that, in the free version, PutMask will put a watermark on the recordings, which, if you need this for work, makes the free version of the application almost unusable. Also, the application contains advertisements, which are, to be honest, not so annoying.

PutMask Works Quite Well, but We Believe That the Limitations Will Be Too Much for Many Users

PutMask works quite well, and using it is extremely simple. However, we believe that the functionality it provides will mostly serve those who do this for work, which means that they will find the free version unusable because it watermarks the footage. However, we suggest you try it out, and if you like it, you might decide to buy it.




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