Brewtarget is a program designed to facilitate and enhance the process of homebrewing beer. It is completely free to use, distribute, and modify. It is available for all three major desktop platforms (Windows, MacOS and Linux) and is currently in version 2.3.1.

The old rule states that beer is made from four ingredients: water (making up to 95% of beer and must be of high quality), hops (providing sweetness and nutrition), malt (creating a distinctive bitter flavor and aiding preservation), and yeast (fermenting alcohol and carbon dioxide from malt). As we know, rules are made to be broken, so sometimes substances are added to beer to improve certain properties such as aroma, color, and strength.

How Does Brewtarget Work?

Brewtarget follows the steps and precisely defines the parameters in beer production through controlling temperature, quantity, and quality of ingredients used, and the required time for a process, such as boiling, fermentation, and bottling. As you add a certain portion of the ingredients used in the application, bitterness, color, alcohol percentage, and other beer characteristics are automatically calculated. It allows for adjustment and automatic conversion of measurement units.

brewtarget - basic

The number of beer brewing recipes is enormous, and Brewtarget has a large database of them. Users can modify existing recipes or create entirely original beer formulas. Brewtarget has the option to create and share printed recipes with other similar programs in the BeerXML format. It automatically synchronizes recipes with those available online.

It’s good that the program supports about twenty languages. However, it’s unfortunate that the translation is incomplete – much of the text in the user interface remains in English, untranslated. We notice that the documentation is somewhat limited in scope.

brewtarget - options

Who Is Brewtarget For?

Brewtarget is intended for both beginners and experienced homebrewers. We must warn that Brewtarget, like other similar programs, is only a very useful but auxiliary tool. It would be good for beginners to first get acquainted with the existing technology of beer brewing.

Homebrewing can be a rewarding hobby or even a lucrative business. It all depends on your commitment and creativity. Homebrewing has gained popularity in recent years, and there is accumulated experience in this field. We believe that this program could be useful for those who embark on experimenting with a large number of parameters in homemade beer production. In our modest opinion, this is a very good program that thoroughly covers the area for which it is intended.

Windows, Linux, MacOS



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