Kitchen Design: 3D Planner – Design Your Dream Home

Kitchen Design: 3D Planner – Design Your Dream Home

For many, renovating a house or apartment is a real pleasure. However, before you start tearing down the walls, we suggest you make a detailed plan so that you don’t regret your decisions later. The application that we will present to you today will help you with this.

Kitchen Design: 3D Planner is a free app for Android that will allow you to conceive and design your dream house.

How Does Kitchen Design: 3D Planner Work?

Kitchen Design: 3D Planner, hereinafter only Kitchen Design, is an application that, as its name suggests, focuses on designing kitchens. However, you can also use the app to design all other types of rooms. Once you install and run it, the first thing you’ll see is the option to purchase the premium version of the app. This could have waited at least until we saw the app, so this isn’t a very good start.

Kitchen Design 3D view

When you finally get into the app, you’ll be able to create and save up to 10 different room plans. For more plans you have to buy the premium version, although 10 plans are not that few. When you start creating a plan, you will have the option to use already designed rooms, but also to create your own room.

Whether you use a pre-made one or create your own room, you will be free to determine the dimensions of the room, the position, and height of the walls, and add furniture. If you want to think about how you want to design a room, and during that time your phone screen turns off, when you turn it on you will be greeted with an offer to buy the premium version of the application, and this happens absolutely every time the screen turns off.

From furniture, the selection is really impressive and Kitchen Design contains hundreds of pieces of furniture. You will find everything from tables and chairs, through various wardrobes and closets, and even pipes and radiators, and you will be able to see where such furniture can be bought and how much it costs. You can additionally edit each piece of furniture, and you can change their size, color, material, and more. The problem here is that apart from the base version and maybe two or three variations, everything else is locked behind the premium version.

You can view and edit your room in 2D and 3D environments, and in 3D you can freely rotate the camera or “enter” the room and move as if you were really in it. When you’re done editing, you’ll be able to save the room plan as a regular image, realistic photo, PDF, or in 3ds Max format.

Kitchen Design 2D view

Kitchen Design Is a Phenomenal Application, Which Is Not Really Free

Kitchen Design is not a free app. Although all the room editing options are available for free, the fact that you can’t freely edit the layout of the furniture and that there are so few variations available for free makes experimenting with different designs impossible, which is exactly the point of this app.

Don’t think that this is a criticism of the app itself, which we believe is extremely high quality and works phenomenally, just keep in mind that the “free version” is only there as a trial and if you want to actually build your dream house, you’ll have to pay.




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