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There are programs that are forgotten, even though they perform tasks very well for which they were created. One such program is AbiWord. It is a word processor whose first version was created back in 1998. The name itself is derived from the Spanish word “abierto,” which means open. You can assume that the program […]Read More


How to Remove Text Formatting in Microsoft Word

If you copied some text in Microsoft Word and that text contains formatting that you don’t like, it’s best to remove the formatting and start over. Word offers us a handy option with which, in just a few clicks, we can remove all text formatting from a document or part of a document. We’ve already […]Read More


How to Remove Text Formatting In Google Docs

Formatting text helps us better highlight some of its parts. However, this should not be overdone. When a paragraph or the whole text has a different font, color, and font size, reading can be difficult. In Google Docs, there is a handy option to remove all formatting from the document. This option can be used […]Read More