Month: July 2020


What is AnyDesk and should you use it?

Why can’t we have nice things? We all know TeamViewer. Tool for connecting two remote computers and allowing one to take control of another. Because of its simplicity, ease of use, and reliability for years, we have been using it without any thought of an alternative. But in recent times, things have changed. More and […]Read More

Security Software

Facebook Container, put Facebook in a cage

Facebook, as well as Google and other websites, can track you even when using other websites. This means that Facebook is taking more than just your browsing data. It makes your profile, which is then used for targeted ads. Facebook Container is an extension for the Mozilla Firefox browser that stops tracking outside Facebook’s website. […]Read More

Internet Software

Parental control on the Internet

We live in the era of the internet, and it is all but impossible to forbid our children from using it. Aldo, there is a lot of very useful content dedicated for kids like games and learning, there are also internet scams and explicit content that is not for them. Here we come to parental […]Read More

Internet Software

How to Install NetSpeedMonitor in Windows 10

NetSpeedMonitor is a small Windows program that runs in the taskbar (near the clock) and displays your network connection speed in real-time (download and upload speed). NetSpeedMonitor is made for Windows versions 7 and lower, but it can work on Windows 8 and 10 if you activate Compatibility Mode before installation. We have shown how […]Read More


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Welcome to We are specialized in testing programs and apps. Furthermore, we may advice you regarding apps installation and downloads available for your mobile phone, tablet or computer. Reviews App may also offer you thorough tutorials regarding programs and apps usage. Before starting using our site, please read: Terms of Use Privacy Policy Here, […]Read More