How to Install NetSpeedMonitor in Windows 10

How to Install NetSpeedMonitor in Windows 10

NetSpeedMonitor is a small Windows program that runs in the taskbar (near the clock) and displays your network connection speed in real-time (download and upload speed). NetSpeedMonitor is made for Windows versions 7 and lower, but it can work on Windows 8 and 10 if you activate Compatibility Mode before installation. We have shown how to install NetSpeedMonitor under Windows 10 in the video below.

Video transcript:

  1. Run Chrome
  2. Type in netspeedmonitor
  3. In search results open first link
  4. Click the download link
  5. Choose your operating system version, in my case 64bit
  6. Click on arrow and select Show in folder
  7. Right click and select Properties
  8. Click on Compatibility
  9. Mark Run this program in compatibility mode for then select Previous version of Windows
  10. Click Apply and then OK
  11. Double click to start the installation
  12. Installation does not contain additional programs so you can just go “Next, Next…”
  13. Click Finish
  14. Right click on Taskbar
  15. Hover Toolbars then from dropdown menu choose NetSpeedMonitor


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