Meteor – Measure Internet Speed on a Mobile Phone

Meteor – Measure Internet Speed on a Mobile Phone

When we notice that websites are loading slowly or that we have lag in online games, many of us first go to a website where we can measure the internet speed and check if there is a problem. On a mobile phone, in addition to websites, we can also use applications, but here we encounter a problem. For some reason, free internet speed measuring apps are so full with ads that they’re almost unusable. However, this is not the case with the application that we are going to present to you.

Meteor is a free application for Android and iOS that will allow you to measure your internet speed without any restrictions or ads.

How Does Meteor Work?

When you install and run Meteor, you will see a nicely styled and practical user interface, in the middle of which there is a big button to start measuring the Internet speed. The measurement can be performed for 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G networks, and you will be able to choose the mobile operator for which you will perform the test.

Meteor internet speed test

When you finish testing, you will receive a report in which you will find download speed, upload speed and ping, as well as an internet speed rating. Here we have one interesting option, which is the ability to see the rating of how well will your internet speed work show in certain apps, such as YouTube or Google Maps.

All tests you perform will be saved in the History section. From here you will easily be able to have an insight into the speed of your internet, and you will be able to sort the tests that were performed during the current day, week or month. Also, you will be able to see how much internet was spent on tests, which can be useful if you have a limited number of free megabytes on mobile internet.

The options we have in Meteor are nothing new, and other applications also offer additional options, which are mostly less important, but they all are useful at certain times. However, there is one big difference that elevates this app above the competition. Namely, Meteor is a completely free application. It does not contain any advertisements, nor does it hide any option behind a paywall. We don’t need to remind you how rare this is. The fact that it’s completely free makes Meteor one of the best apps in this category.

Meteor test results

Meteor Is One of the Best Apps in This Category

There is no doubt that Meteor is one of the best apps in this category. It works great, it’s more than easy to use, it contains all the most important and some less important options, and it’s completely free. During use, we did not encounter any problems or bugs, so Meteor absolutely gets our recommendation.

Android and iOS

In the download link we offered Meteor for Android but if you want to download the version for iOS, please click HERE.



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