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How to Change Download Server in Steam for Windows

When you download a game using Steam, the server from which the game will be downloaded will by default be the one that is physically closest to you. However, the closest server is not always the fastest. So if you notice that the game is downloading slowly, we suggest you change the server and see […]Read More

Graphic Design Software

Pichon – Icons at Your Fingertips

If you’re into web design, you’re probably used to searching the internet for beautiful and unusual icons, and you probably already have favorite websites where you do this. The program that we will present to you will allow you to quickly and easily search a huge number of icons, as well as illustrations and photos. […]Read More


How to Download an Image From Google Docs

If someone has sent you a Google Docs document that contains an image that you want to save to your computer, you’ve probably been confused that when you right-clicked on the image, you didn’t find an option to download the image. There are multiple ways to download an image in Docs, and none of them […]Read More