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How to Download an Image From Google Docs

If someone has sent you a Google Docs document that contains an image that you want to save to your computer, you’ve probably been confused that when you right-clicked on the image, you didn’t find an option to download the image. There are multiple ways to download an image in Docs, and none of them […]Read More


How to Allow Downloads While Playing a Game in Steam

By default, when you play a game on Steam, you won’t be able to download games or updates. If you start any download, it will be paused while you are in the game. The reason for this is that if you are playing an online game and Steam starts downloading, it can cause lag or […]Read More


How to Change Download Folder Location in Viber for Windows

When someone sends you a picture, video, or document using Viber, you can of course save that file, and the location where it will be saved can be changed. What differs from other programs of this type is that you can set different locations for images and videos and for documents. Watch our video tutorial […]Read More


How to Change Download Folder Location in Skype for Windows

By default, in Skype for Windows, when you download a file, that file will be placed in the Downloads folder. However, this folder can be changed, and for the new location where the files you download will be stored, you can choose any folder on your computer. Watch our video tutorial where we show you […]Read More

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OnionMedia – Convert and Download Video Files

OnionMedia is a free program for Windows 10 and 11 that will allow you to quickly and easily convert video files, as well as download videos from the Internet. It features a great user interface, fast and reliable performance, and it’s easy to use, which makes it great for beginners. How Does OnionMedia Work? Once […]Read More