Parental control on the Internet

Parental control on the Internet

We live in the era of the internet, and it is all but impossible to forbid our children from using it. Aldo, there is a lot of very useful content dedicated for kids like games and learning, there are also internet scams and explicit content that is not for them. Here we come to parental control.

What does parental control do?

Parental control is a tool used for protecting children from certain internet content. It allows restricting time spent online and also filtering content that can be shown to them.

Operating systems with parental control

Almost all operating systems allow some form of parental control. In Windows this option can be turned on in the Control Panel (family options in Windows 10). It supports time restrictions, limits access to certain programs and games. On Android there is Google Family Link that allows blocking of applications on children’s smartphone. It functions by allowing you to set up the PIN code that then automatically filters explicit content. It can block applications, movies, music, and even books that are not meant for them. You can find it in version 7.0 but also in previous versions. When we talk about Apple, there is Screen Time in iOS 12 with similar capabilities as Android.

What are your other possibilities

Following the trends, it’s not surprising that many cable providers also have this option that can block channels and restrict time spent watching TV. If we look at social networks, Facebook’s option “only me” or “friends” restrict content sharing to strangers. The same is true for Instagram with a “private account” and YouTube have a whole spectrum of options in their kids application. Option “approved content only” allows parents the possibility to choose which content they want to be accessible to their children.

Platforms for parental control

With the same goal as in previous examples, there are also browsers dedicated for children such as Buddy Browser, PikLuk, or Shrek Browser and special programs with the same use.

All with a few clicks

Programs and options for parental control are very easy to use. If you are worried about your child’s safety on the internet, first talk to them and explain the dangers and then use some of the tools available.



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