ProtecThor – parental control for the phone

ProtecThor – parental control for the phone

We talked about child safety on the Internet earlier when we mentioned the best parental control applications. This software is used to protect children in the Internet environment. They work by limiting children’s time spent online and the content they visit. Today we present you with one of the free Android applications for parental control, which caught our attention – ProtecThor.

What is ProtecThor?

ProtecThor is a free application for Android, used for direct control of your child’s device. The application contains a brilliant user interface that is easy to use and offers a good range of various options. When installing the application, it is necessary to register with an email and password. When you log in to the app, you can connect to your child’s device by scanning a QR code on its phone.

ProtecThor menu

In the app on the left side, a menu will open showing reports, apps, locations, calls, text messages, web restrictions, notifications, and events on your toddler’s device. You can view reports in intervals of a week, two weeks, or a month. You can also create the time interval for which you want to receive the report.

Especially useful is the locations option that provides an overview of your toddler’s movements. There is also the option for SMS and calls monitoring, a complete insight into another device’s communication.

ProtecThor reports

With ProtecThor you can control which applications and web sites your child visit

When it comes to controlling applications, you can allow a time interval in which the child will be able to use the applications. You can also create a calendar with a detailed schedule of when the applications can be used.

You can directly deny access to sites in the website category by entering a web address or excluding websites by topic. The following topics are offered: adult content, advertising, alcohol and tobacco, blogs, chat sites, crypto mining, drugs, finance, entertainment, gambling, games, hacking, illegal content, forums, news, real estate, religion, shopping, social networks. .. It is not at all hard to reach websites with inadequate content. ProtecThor makes it very easy to turn off access to inappropriate sites.


As a reminder, ProtecThor is just an aid in the dedicated work we call parenting. Don’t give in to it, but keep it in mind as an additional option. No one can substitute the role of a parent.




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