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Checkbot – Check Website Speed and Security

Website owners know that speed and security are some of the most important features of a quality website. Speed is important for user experience, as well as for better ranking on internet search engines, such as Google or DuckDuckGo, and if your security is bad, there can be very serious problems. For this reason, there […]Read More


How to Turn Safe Search on or off in Windows 10

When you search for something on your computer using Windows 10’s Search feature, it will search the Internet using Bing in addition to your hard drive, unless you’ve turned Bing search off. By default, the Moderate option will be turned on that will exclude explicit content from search results, and you can turn this off […]Read More


DuckDuckGo Browser – Internet Browser That Protects Your Privacy

In an era where data theft and data misuse are commonplace, privacy protection has become one of the main concerns of most users. DuckDuckGo is widely known for its privacy-oriented approach when it comes to Internet browsing, guaranteeing privacy and security to its users. DuckDuckGo Browser is a free internet browser available for Windows 10, […]Read More

Security Software

Portmaster – An Excellent Privacy and Security Guard

Portmaster is a free program for Windows 10, 11, and Linux that offers better insight and control over what is happening on your computer. The program serves as a kind of Firewall, which can also serve as an excellent replacement for Windows Defender. How Does Portmaster Work? Portmaster is an open-source program. This means that […]Read More


Session – Completely Private and Anonymous Chat App

Session is a free messaging app available for Android and iOS, with versions for Windows 10, 11, Linux, and macOS. What makes it stand out is the fact that this is an application that is fully committed to preserving the privacy and anonymity of its users and their messages. In this review, we’ll focus on […]Read More

Security Software

Top Two Best Free Windows Surveillance (CCTV) Programs

Most free surveillance programs, unfortunately, are not really free. You can download and install the program for free, but you have to pay for many, often basic, options. In addition to this, these programs generally set restrictions, such as a limited recording time, which makes them completely unusable, until you pay. Fortunately, there are a […]Read More